19 November 2014

Masterforce D-307: Overlord MIB (#3, my third one)

I wanted the title to read 'Yet another D-307: Overlord MIB', but thought that it would be too cavalier and perhaps not respectful of how difficult this piece could be to come by for some collectors.

 This is the 5th Overlord that I have in my collection (a fact). It is one of 3 MIB pieces, amongst the 5 pieces I have (or had).

I guess I have been fortunate that, as a collector of vintage TFs, Overlord (which is a holy grail to many) has been relatively easy and straightforward for me to acquire over the years. I wish I had this same good fortune with all TFs, but it seems that the good fortune only works for Overlord.

For those that know me well, you'd know that I have had to stay at home for a certain period of time and have not stepped out of the house for fear of infecting others with chicken pox (yikes). So last week, I did what my boss calls 'retail therapy'. I went online and bought something - D-307: Overlord.

I stumbled upon a piece from an online store in Japan. The photos didn't really look impressive, but the list price, perhaps due to the really low Yen rates now, amounted to an Overlord that is about half the market going rate for this piece.

So, in accordance with the rules of shopping therapy, I bought it. It arrived yesterday evening and today, I opened it.

Upon removing the bubble wrap and the talc from the box, I was immediately stunned by how gorgeous a condition Overlord is in. Just look at the box, glossy smooth surface, no rips, no tears, no dings and dents.

The back of the box says pretty much the same thing.

The contents were equally beautiful and mint, almost untouched. Stickers have been applied though.

These are the papers it comes with. The white generic feedback sheet is missing, but then, I'm no longer as fussy with paperworks as I was in the past.

Whilst stickers have been applied, they have been done so professionally, in the right places and all the stickers are very mint - almost no peeling or scratches on the stickers at all.

The chrome on each of the Godmaster engines are also very shiny and like new.

For completeness, base mode, why not right?

The main man himself pictured next to his immaculate box.

To commemorate this occasion, I placed Overlord next to the TV and watched episode #24 of Masterforce, which is the first appearance of Overlord. It was a surreal experience.


My other Overlords

#1 - loose complete Overlord, C8.5
The first Overlord I ever had was from a University charity flea market in Singapore in the year 2000 - I bought this Overlord for US$2.50, complete and C8.5 (I have witnesses!). Fully story here.

#2 - MIB D-307: Overlord, toy C9, box C6 (water damaged)
I bought this on a trip to Hong Kong (while I was still working in Australia), back in 2007. Bought this for less than a fraction of the then market price as well. The box is not really fantastic, but the toy and contents were very mint. Full story here.

#3 - MISB D-307: Overlord
I bought this around September 2011 at my usual shop in Hong Kong. This is probably the nicest and best Overlord specimen that I have - it is also the most expensive Overlord I have bought to date. It has to be right? It's MISB! Full story here.

Overlord #2 (left) and #3 (right) in the same photo.

#4 - loose and incomplete Overlord, C5 (or below)
A friend helped me to grab this online. Thought I wanted a spare Overlord to display. This is loose, has no accessories whatsoever and is in very poor condition with markings in ink all over it. So, i didn't even photograph this piece.

#5 - MIB D-307: Overlord
This fifth piece is the subject of this very post! =)

As at the date of this post, Overlord #1 and #2 has been sold already.

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