19 November 2014

Early Takara boxed Cybertrons (Autobots) MIB within '01 to 49' (Fight! Super Robot Lifeform series)

The post follows on from my previous post titled "Early Takara Japanese Autobot 'cars' MIB", where I photo-ed almost all the early Takara boxed Cybertron cars.

In this series of shots, I attempted to photograph all of the Cybertrons (Autobots) that are within the '01 to 49' Japanese numbering. As you will see, the results are a little awkward owing to the varied and different box sizes.

I have, for completeness, also included 4 mailaway toys in the group shot (but somehow I forgot to put the VSZ set into the shot). Shamefully, I have to admit that the only piece I am missing from this shot is #13-Cliffjumper MIB (it's not difficult to find, but I still have not tracked down a piece yet).

These are all the 'cars' and 'minibots' that would have been shown in the previous post already.

Here are some that I have not previous showed. 38-Broadblast MIB (aka Blaster) and 39-Perceptor MIB.

Both 38 and 39 pieces were bought from different shops within Sino Centre in Kowloon. 

Here are the Dinobots!
Top row: 30-Swoop MIB (or Swarp as some would have it)
Middle row: 26-Grimlock MIB; 27-Sludge MIB
Bottom row: 28-Slag MIB; 29-Snarl MIB.
Oddly enough, for 26-Grimlock, there are 2 versions - a 'Made in Japan' version and a 'Made in Macau' version. The former is pictured, but I also have the 'Made in Macau' version as well.

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  1. Man, your collection is inspiring! It's so awesome to see this kind of collection :D

    1. Thanks for your kind words man. If you have links to your collection, I'd like to see it too!

    2. Unfortunately, I don't have many pics. Everything is stored away. haha
      Usually I'll just take pics individually when things arrive. Someday though I hope to get some full collection pics.

    3. Sure thing, let me know when that day comes, I'll stop by to have a look =)


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