25 November 2014

Takara Transformers 2010, C-78: Rodimus Major MIB

I bought this back around October 2013. Wow, that is how long it's taken me to post about it... about a year late.

Bought it at the China Square flea markets when I was walking around with the Cave Collector and TCYE.

I initially never intended to get the vintage version of this because, why pay more when the reissues are so darn cheap and plentiful?

In the end, I liked it's C-78 designation and thought why not?

Autobot Cavalier - Hot Rod.


  1. Damn man, November is your month!

  2. Another nice pick-up! All these aquisitions, you make it seem like China is full of boxed G1 figs. :p haha

    1. Actually, I pick these up from a myriad of different places. This one was from Singapore. HK used to be a good place for boxed Japanese TFs, but those are drying up now...

  3. That's pretty sweet looking. I still need to get Hot Rod.


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