01 February 2011

Uniteds and Masterpiece sweetened with OTCA calendar

Was an interesting day today. Visiting my friend's shop at Yau Ma Tei to pick up the United figures he reserved for me. These things are in such short supply that if not reserved, one is tantamount to be paying an extra 20% for them the following week. Ridiculous for new releases, but the truth nonetheless. Got all my United figures for HKD$170, but by now, most shops are selling them at HKD$220-240 thereabouts.

This is the entire loot for today...

Wave 1 and 3 of Transformers United MOSC - Soundwaves x 02, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Jazz and Tracks.

Transformers United Grapple MISB (HKD$250) and Reveal the Shield Grapple MISB (HKD$280, how ironic that this cost more than the United version)

Also in the mail today, the official and very kick ass OTCA calendar for 2011! This is a great calendar for Transformers that is created by the owner of OTCA (an Australian Transformers forum). A key Transformer character is featured each month and there are photos of the character 'through the years'. For example the Ironhide page features photos of Ironhide toys from 84, 95, 97, 01, 03, 05, 07, 08, 10, each year where a toy named 'Ironhide' was officially released. For more pictures and details of how to order, check out this thread or contact griffin!

Also picked up Masterpiece Rodimus Prime (HKD$1250). Accordingly to my friend, the MP-09s distributed by Hasbro HK comes with extras that MP-09s in other parts of the world do not: (1) a large mirror-backed collectible box; (2) a specially pressed gold coin; and (3) a large black paper bag bearing the Rodimus flame insignia that is large enough for MP-09 MIB and the collectible display box to fit into. I understand that buyers in Singapore has the option of getting these extras by paying S$20 more (in HK, we get them complimentary with each purchase of MP-09).

The golden coin...

The carry bag.

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