25 February 2011

Goodbye Convoy and Goodbye Henkei

 Yesterday, I wandered around and stumbled upon a FansProject G3 trailer for a pretty decent price. So I got it (together with my third Generations Scourge).

I opened the G3 set today (very exciting!) and played with it on my table, where my Goodbye Convoy set (obtained from Japan) was sitting. *light bulb* Maybe I could put the Henkei versions of Optimus Prime, Mirage and Red Alert next to their G1 counterparts - with the G3 trailer, my Henkei Prime was 'complete'.

Why not?

So I did.

G1 Goodbye Convoy

Henkei "Goodbye Convoy"

Red Alerts and Mirages

'Goodbye, sir', he said. 'And goodbye to you too', he replied.


  1. How would you compare the G3 trailer to the ark playset you got?

  2. Hmmm... not sure how I would compare them since they are different things, but if you mean whether they are compatible, Im going to say probably yes even though the colours are different. Maybe I will give that a try sometime...

  3. Yeah, fair point. They both feel a bit "base"-y to me, but yeah, they're not too comparable.

  4. Love these pics.

    Was just thinking if there were a custom goodbye convoy box 'classics' style- would be huge!!

    Noticed that you didn't use the missile launcher from the g3 trailer set for mirage- much better fit than the gears of war missile launcher imo.

  5. @ Jay - I think its possible to put them side to side, after all, not all TF bases in G1 are coloured the same. I cant do that now since I dont have the free shelf space!

    @ gdmetro - good pick up on the Mirage launcher. I have started to use the G3 weapons as you would have seen in the OZ Former Henkei/United thread... heh


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