23 February 2011

Tokyo/Hokkaido Trip - The Acquisitions Tally

In usual fashion, this is a consolidated view of all my Japan Trip acquisitions.

Below is a photo of all my Transformers acquisitions during my February Tokyo/ Hokkaido/ Niseko trip, from 7 Feb to 14 Feb 2011. I must say that the sheer amount beats what I got from Japan last year, but the quality and rarity of pieces from last year will likely win out over this year's acquisitions.

(note the 2 C-350: Rabbicraters were not bought from Japan)

Acquisitions (in order acquired):

  • TV Artbook #69 (featuring Masterforce)
  • C-341: Greasepit MISB
  • C-342: Airwave MIB, unused toys, stickers and paperworks
  • C-343: Hot House MIB, unused toys, stickers and paperworks
  • C-344: Iron Works MISB
  • Kondansha Pocket Book #53 (featuring series 1 to 3 TFs)
  • Kondansha Pocket Book #57 (featuring Masterforce)
  • Victory: The movie animated comic
  • Victory: Character book
  • C-327 promotional poster
  • C-360 promotional poster
  • Vintage Transformers "03 - Megatron" t-shirt MISB
  • C-47: Grapple MIB, very minty and unused
  • C-83: Sandstorm MIB, C9.5, untouched, unused, complete paperworks, unapplied sticker sheet
  • eHobby recoloured Ravage and Laserbeak MISB
  • Headmasters poker cards, unused and still attached as one piece. This is something I have never seen before and the quality is great.
  • My second Goodbye Convoy giftset (this set does not have the styro insert but is 100% complete with C9.5 toys and complete paperworks, very impressive. Unfortunately, it does not have the poster, but I am still very stoked about acquiring this set because it completes my Goodbye sets!
  • C-319: Landcross giftset, unused, complete paperworks

Close up pictures:

See you next year Japan (or maybe later this year, who knows?)


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