28 January 2011

A blue Friday...

It has been a tough week, well mentally at least. Come Friday evening, I just needed to unwind. Since E had to finish late, I was, ermmm... wandering around Causeway Bay, once more.

I just felt I needed to buy stuff tonight, you know, sort of like shopping therapy. Yeah, I'll give that a shot and see if it works.

It was sort of a Skids day... so this is what I got (and some at silly good prices too):

  • Encore 04 - Starscream - HKD$280 (have been wanting this because this is the only version of Starscream other than the TFC reissue, that comes with a yellow plane cockpit)
  • Encore 18 - Skids - HKD$150
  • Transformers Generations 2009, mail-away exclusive Skids and Screech - HKD$499
  • Fables #100
  • Green Lantern Corps: Prelude to Blackest Night (man, how can there still be Blackest Night stuff out there that I have not already bought!)
  • Evangelion Chronicles #6 - featuring Gendo Ikari and EVA-01
Fables #100 is by far the most exciting purchase though. I just can't wait to see the showdown between Frau Totenkinder and Mister Dark... woot!

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