10 February 2011

Japan Day 4 - Nakano redux and Disneyland

Today was Disneyland day.We did wake up a little late, so decided to go to Nakano first and then Disneyland and stay till it closes at 8pm.

Breakfast at Mr Doughnut.

Here we are at Nakano Broadway

The ultra cool vintage books section of Mandarake Nakano.

Browsing... and did manage to find some good stuff (see below).

Finalising my G1 purchases... (again, see below)

Before I reveal today's hauls... some shots of Disneyland, which is every bit as enjoyable as Disney Sea (contrary to popular belief).

Dinner at my No.1 rated ramen - 九洲拉麵

Today's Acquisitions

  • C-47: Grapple MIB, unused
  • C-83: Sandstorm MIB, unused, complete paperworks, unapplied sticker sheet
  • eHobby recoloured Ravage and Rumble MISB
  • unused vintage Headmasters 'box art' poker cards (not really sure what this is, but it certainly is a very interesting piece of G1 history).

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