02 February 2011

The Chaos Bringer is here... in time for Lunar New Year

Just a day after yesterday's monumental acquisition, here comes more today!

I have hesitated to buy this 2010 version of Unicron for the better part of 3 months now. I did not want to buy this for a few reasons - (i) I already have 2 Armada Unicrons, one MIB and the other MISB; (ii) all of this Unicron was sold out by the time I stepped into HK in October last year (I'm not in the habit of pre-ordering new releases, so didn't order any online); and (iii) any that I see being sold were being flogged off at exorbitant prices (relatively) of about HKD$980 to HKD$1200. There is no darn way I'm going to pay that sort of sum for 'reissue' Unicron, not when I have my BotCon exclusive Hard Hero Unicron, standing atop my workdesk.

Anyway, I walked into a shop today and lo-and-behold, I saw a 2010 Unicron on the shelf with an asking price of HKD$880 (AU$112.86; or US$112.92). Hmmm... that was a price that tickled my fancy. It was also numerically auspicious and Unicron's colours were vibrant Lunar New Year type colours (and today is one day away from the Lunar New Year). So, I bought it.

Got home and found a parcel waiting for me with 3 sets of MOSC Micromasters! Woot.

Here is today's loot...

As an aside, I also bought the Transformers: Generations 2010 book from Sogo. It's a pretty decent book...

... with interesting content for G1, United and Animated lovers...

D-341: Race Track Patrol MOSC (interestingly, these were the only other Decepticons besides Metrotitan in the Zone series. Man, were they seriously outnumbered)

C-351: Construction Patrol MOSC

C-352: Air Patrol MOSC

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