11 February 2011

Japan Day 5 - Hokkaido and Sapporo (part 2)

This was an unexpected discovery. From a flyer got from Mandarake in Nakano, we discovered that there was also a Mandarake in Sapporo (which is where we were going for the Snow Festival). Turns out the Mandarake at Sapporo was about 10 minute walk from the Snow Festival Grounds.

So we went! (E is the best!)

This Mandarake is stacked to the rafters with vintage TFs with many a highlight. I will go through a few of them below...

The glorious vintage G1 Transformers shelf at Mandarake Sapporo... WOW!

Landcross, Liokaiser, Bruticus and Dinoking giftsets

Close up. On closer inspection, the Dinoking box was extremely ripped up on the left side, and so not as good priced as I thought initially.

The rare stuff - VSY, VSZ, Goodbye Convoy and 2 sets of Goodbye Megatron

VSY and VSZ. Interesting that Mandarake is offering an installment plan for interested buyers of VSZ - priced at 58,000 yen.

The Goodbye sets. Springer MIB was tempting until I checked it out and found that it included no paperworks whatsoever. Hmm... pass.

Really expensive Black Zarak and Overlord

Misc things on the bottom shelves, including a pre-Transformers Browning.

This one is interesting. It actually looks like Grandus but is easily 2.5 times the size of Grandus and is manufactured by Ban Dai. I wonder what gives and what's the story behind it.

Saw this tucked in the corner - very minty and complete C-114: Fortress Maximus at 84,000 yen which is a very very good price for this guy. On the basis of its size and because I already have it, E said a firm "no". Hahaha... as well. Leaving it for the next lucky guy who sees this.

Today's Acquisitions

  • My second Goodbye Convoy giftset (this set does not have the styro insert but is 100% complete with C9.5 toys and complete paperworks, very impressive. Unfortunately, it does not have the poster, but I am still very stoked about acquiring this set because it completes my Goodbye sets!
  • C-319: Landcross giftset, unused, complete paperworks


  1. Heroic, you are killing me here. Fortress Maximus at that price is a BUY especially with the condition you described.

  2. Roger, I would have so bought it in a heartbeat. The box is easily comparable to my own C-114 in terms of minty condition. BUT, there is no way in hell I will buy a toy if it will make my wife unhappy, no matter how sweet the deal- as they say, 'happy wife, happy life'!

  3. What was the battle convoy priced at in the same pic as the browning?

  4. @ Himawari: No idea really. that was awhile ago and to be honest, I didn't even notice there was a Battle Convoy there till you pointed it out! From what I can recall, these are quite common in Japan and variously diaclone are as well, but because I don't collect them, I often don't remember the prices.

    I will keep an eye out and report prices next time because I know that you, vf1 and Maz would be interested!

  5. I was at this SAME SHOP (Mandarake) in 2010 (I was actually in Sapporo for 3 months, from Apr-June). Stumbled upon this treasure trove of TF-wonders when I was walking down the streets...and then saw some sort of signs that mentioned toys. If I recall correctly, Mandarake is 5th floor right? (or 4th?) Just 1 floor below Uniqlo?

    Sweet memories man :) I also took similar pics like yours! (seems like there has been a few changes since June 2010 haha). Actually the selection there looks a bit different every week/two weeks I went haha.

    1. Yes, I believe you recollection of its location is correct. It's very hard to find from street level and "easier" to find when you are walking through that underground shopping street.

      I believe the selection changes constantly, so its really luck of the draw when a person is there. =)

    2. Wow you replied me! (I only just realised right now...5 months later...=_=||| ). My sis and bro-in-law are currently in Sapporo (YES! :) - so of course the 'wise' me asked them to go to Mandarake for me! Haha....

      But to my horrors, they SMSed me few hours ago that the 5th floor of the 'COSMO' mall is empty! Mandarake has moved! (And yet their official website says nothing about it!) So I spent almost an hour trying to track down its new location (and the Google search turned up your website again...that's why I was here :) ...and finally I found its new location at the Japanese language site of Mandarake (the English one is not updated!). If you're interested, here it is:

      According to some people's blog, the new Sapporo store is like 2-3 times larger than its previous location! :)
      When will you go to Japan again? Haha...

    3. And oh, just in case you're wondering...the previous nick 'JesusDied4u' is my older blogspot nick. My real name is (as you can see) Oliver.

      One question though...at the Singapore Cybertron Con (March this year), I met these two Aussie dudes - and they said they know you! (On OTCA forum I think). One of them, I still keep in touch with him - his name on FB is 'Kevstar Channopolous'. Ring a bell? :)

    4. Ah, now that you tell me it makes sense. I had a friend who was in Sapporo for a few days and could not find Mandarake! I wonder whether the friend is just direction hopeless or something, but now it makes sense - the place has moved!

      thanks for the info, I should be updating my maps to take this into account soon.

      I've actually just been to Japan about a month ago - went to Osaka and Tokyo, but not to Sapporo, which is too far away.


      Great that you met Aussie dudes. I don't know anyone by that name, but it could be an alias - perhaps this person is either "Goktimus Prime" or "Kelvinchang99" on the Australian Boards?


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