15 February 2011

Not one, but 2... Rabbicraters

I returned from Japan yesterday. 

Today, I called up my friendly Yau Ma Tei toy shop owner for a chat to see if he has found anything I wanted from his sourcing or if he has reserved anything for me. He answered, and said yes - 'there is this rare thing, its a boxed video tape with a vinyl mat'. 'Comes with a blue car?' I enquired. 'Yes', he answered.

Holy!*!*! It's Rabbicrater! While not extremely rare (in my mind) because I have been offered it a number of times, it is still one of the harder to locate items in the twilight years of G1, and extremely hard to find with the video tape and the vinyl mat. It is also difficult to program a search for "Rabbicrater" on eBay. The results keep returning "Rabbi" (as in Jewish holy man) something, making it tough to search online for this guy - eg: "Rabbi Carter" or some sort of derivation is usually returned with a search.

'What's the condition?' I probed. 'It's sealed lah. Up to your standards,' shop-owner replied. 'Okay, see you tonight,' I said, overjoyed.

Went down to the shop and found that he held not 1 but 2 Rabbicraters MISB for me. Okay, I won't refuse.

Grabbed and raaaaannnnnn.....

Note to self: As it turns out, the Rabbicraters are not MISB, but both of them are unused - as in the video tape and Rabbicrater itself are still sealed, but the tape at the side of the boxes have dried and fallen off and so technically, they are not MISB.


  1. I'll ask the obvious question... why did you buy both?

  2. Because I wanted to is the only answer I can muster at the moment. Also, I know an Australian buddy of mine has been looking for this guy for some time. =)


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