09 February 2011

Japan Day 3 - Tsukiji, Ginza and Odaiba (no Transformers today, but beautiful day nonetheless)

As I said in the title, no Transformers today, but I am documenting this because it was an extremely fun and beautiful day nonetheless - I went with E to see many of the things she wanted to see, so happy.

We started the day with the Tsukiji Fish Markets, which I gotta say, is a lot more pleasant and more to my tastes than the Sydney Fish Markets (yucks). At fish market? Gotta have sashimi and sushi, yes?

Divine platter of Meguro, Chutoro and Otoro sashimi

Assorted sushi platter

We walked to Ginza from Tsukiji since it was pretty near. I mucked up reading the map, so E had to take the lead. For some reason, my map reading was off during this trip. heh. The Abercrombie and Finch shop at Ginza was amazing, very impressive, but did not buy anything from there. We wanted to go this place called the Mos Burger Cafe which was very highly recommended for its Matcha Latte and set off to find it from the Toy Park Building (which I recalled as unimpressive as well, but we did manage to buy a Alien Key chain there which is very nice).

This time, it was the map that was not exactly correct. We ended up walking 30 minutes and round the entire Ginza area to end up at the Mos Cafe which was just 1 minute away from the Toy Park Building!

Matcha Latte was great though...

... and so was the Teriyaki Chicken Burger and Fish Burger... yum!

After the erm, interim, dinner, we went to Odaiba where the Rainbow Bridge (famed from Japanese drama serials) was. It connects Tokyo to the 'island' of Odaiba (not sure if that is accurate). We spent sometime taking night shots with the our cool Nikon D90 camera! Woohoo!

The 'Rainbow Bridge'. Photo by E, without using a tripod!

Photo by me, also without tripod

The Sega Joypolis

Time for dinner!

... which is at Lion Bar (a place I had wanted to visit from our previous Tokyo trip)... 6 cheese pizza...

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