30 November 2007

A Transformers farewell

I was farewell-ed yesterday. Thanks go out to DN for organizing the farewell lunch; AR and RT for designing the farewell card; and to AR for organizing the gifts.

I left with gifts. Gifts bought from the contributions of the office as a whole- which in fact are farewell gifts from JPW.

I am extremely elated that all my gifts are Transformer related, with one of them actually being a Transformer!

Here they are...

Top left: farewell card based on the 1986 Marvel Comics adaptation of Tranformers: The Movie. I like the card and it's basis. TFTM #1 and its cover had always had a special place in my heart. It may not be the greatest Transformer cover, but there is a certain beauty in its composition and a G1-ness which is very alluring to me.

Bottom left: Transformers movie MISB Dreadwing. I like the Dreadwing toy mold. I've always been tempted to buy this but have always told myself (1) that its price was a little high and (2) that I will stick to only the characters the appeared in the movie. It's great that I got this as a gift!

Top right: Transformers movie Optimus Prime head bath set. This is something unexpected and in fact something I did not come across till a few days ago. It is pretty nifty, includes a bottle of bubble bath and an Autobot symbol shaped bath sponge!

Right middle: Robot Heroes movie version Optimus Prime & Blackout set. Nice set. Have not got around to getting the movie Robot Heroes and this set is as a good way to start as any.

Bottom right: This is definitely the highlight among the gifts; my eyes almost popped when I saw this- I was ecstatic! Madman Transformers: Generation 1 complete collection. A complete collection of all 98 G1 USA Transformer cartoon episodes brought together in a G1 style box and a collectible tin. On top of all the episodes and special features, this set includes an exclusive comic penned by Simon Furman and illustrated by Nick Roche. Simply beautiful and too good to be true, except, it is true!

A great big thank you to JPW for all the gifts and to AR for selecting and buying them! Thank you!

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