11 November 2007

Under the Sea - Photogallery [part 3]

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This is the final Under the Sea gallery. It focuses on the juicy part of this beautiful set; juicy for the extremely obsessive collector at least.

This set is not only 100% complete, in that it has all the toys, their parts, weapons, instructions and offer catalogues, but it has more.

I would consider the below as the 'bonus' part of this set:
  • unused sticker sheets for Nautilator and Overbite;
  • complete packing bubble and cardboard inserts for Snap Trap;
  • complete cardback packaging with little plastic insert tray for all 5 carded Seacons; and
  • unpunched cardbacks for all 5 carded Seacons
Short of an MOSC/MISB set, I believe that this is possibly that best and 'most complete' set of Seacons that can be obtained. I am so impressed that I gawk at it for unspecified periods of time on a daily basis.

100% complete Seacon parts
Unused sticker sheets for Overbite & Nautilator
Used sticker sheets for Skalor, Tentakil and Snap Trap

Unused Nautilator sticker sheet sealed in original packet

Complete packing bubble and cardboard inserts for Snap Trap

Complete cardback packaging with little plastic insert tray

Unpunched cardback

There is still one thing that intrigues me about this set- how could the original owner bear to part with such a perfect set of Seacons?

So I asked; and so I got a reply.

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