17 November 2007

Why Wheelie?

A thought popped into my head; a thought related to Wheelie.

It’s a given that Trans-fans hate Wheelie with a passion. I can see a few reasons for this: (1) uninspiring name bordering on stupidity; (2) lousy toy and not so good box art; (3) wears a sun-visor like thing in robot mode; (4) arguably horrid colours; (5) lacklustre character; and (6) incessant rhyming speech patterns.

I’m not so sure about point (1), (4) and (6) myself.

With regards to (1), Worse Transformer names than Wheelie comes to mind- Big Daddy, Vroom, Erector, Slow Poke, Hubs, Aquafend, Road Pig, Space Case and Hooligan just to name a few.

With regards to (4), worse Transformer colour schemes exists. I'll name a few to colour my point- Metrotitan, Circuit, Slicer, Turbo Master and Battle Gaea.

I think speaking in rhymes for (6) is pretty cool in a fun way, but maybe not in a Transformer way. It would have been quite a challenge for writers to script Wheelie lines; maybe they were the original Wheelie haters and maybe it is for this reason that Furman refuses to write Wheelie into his stories?

The thought that popped into my head is a question.

The question is this: is there a Transformer that is more hateful than Wheelie? The answer is yes, that Transformer could be Rodimus Prime.

[box art courtesy of Botch's Box Art Archive]

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  1. Your just writing that to PISS ME OFF!!!!


  2. people just have to accept the fact that Optimus Prime is dead!,

    What the hell is the point of having a character that has no flaws, and is completely honest, that is a lie,

    At least Rodimus Prime had depth, he was crude, and the only reason he was percieved so negatively is the fact that hasbro couldnt sell the toys, based on the fact that people could just not accept that optimus is dead.

    Rodimus Prime was the chosen one, Optimus Prime's time came to an end, and off all the sad sack excuse for Autobots, Rodimus was the only one with true fearlessness and courage, Not to mention and element of Rebelliousness and the Darkside.

    No one gave him a chance, Im sure the autobot Orion Pax was a weakling as seen in the cartoon...,Optimus Prime didn't just become Optimus Prime overnight, He had millions of years.

    Well tough his time was great and Its over Let the New Leader shine!

    To the power of the Matrix, to Rodimus defeater of Unicron, Defender of the Universe. Peacemaker.

  3. http://sentient-development.blogspot.com/2007/11/case-for-rodimus-prime.html

    see for yourself

  4. Look, Rodimus caused Optimus' death. Some may call it "fearlessness" and "courage", but it's actually "pig-headed" and "reluctance to think before acting". Kup told him to "stay out of the way", and what did Hot Rod do? Dash towards Megatron, get choke-held by Megatron, prevented Prime from firing, and causing Prime's death. If that's called courage, idiots would be courageous too.

  5. and actually, Orion Pax DID become Optimus Prime overnight in the G1 cartoon continuity. See the episode "War Dawn"? Alpha Trion rebuilt Orion Pax into Optimus, and handed the Matrix to him. And what did Optimus first do after being rebuilt? He took on Megatron one-on-one and actually trounced the 'Cons. That's courage and skill, for those who think Roddie was courageous.

  6. So are you saying that thats it no Training he just happened, come on!,

    That is a bit suss don't you think,
    the famous leader is not actually great from experience but from programming!

    wow there is an original insight.

  7. To be quite objective, I'd say that Rodimus Prime is far from a good leader by any measure of the stick.

    Deadpool, I think you made some excellent points.

    "and actually, Orion Pax DID become Optimus Prime overnight in the G1 cartoon continuity." That's funny and true. Hahaha.

    I don't see any 'fearlessnes' or 'courage' in Hot Rod either. 'Hot-headed', 'illogical' and 'irresponsible' maybe- the Marvel profiles states that he's 'Not too sweet, not too sharp,... not a goodie-goodie', 'dreams of doing great stuff', 'tends to follow rules until they bug him' and 'often acts without thinking in an effort to do the right thing'.

    This here is an Autobot who tries to do the right thing without thinking through it, yet hoping that all would turn out well. Any rational person would tell you that's a bad idea.

    It is no suprise that this idiotcy carried over into the Rodimus persona, where because of the burden of leadership, he tries to think a little more before committing them to action, but alas still fails terribly.

  8. To: Mr. Anonymous.

    Aren't all the TFs in the G1 continuity programmed? The Aerialbots and the Stunticons had their personalities and attitudes programmed into them by Vector Sigma. Optimus told Vector Sigma to make the Aerialbots "value freedom and life, wherever they find it".

    And yes, I was saying that Optimus didn't have any training. Even in the War Within continuity, he didn't have any training. He was just in charge of the archives and had no combat skills. And yet, he still managed to take on the Insecticons, Soundwave and Megatron singlehandedly.

    And so far, Rodimus' greatest accomplishment is taking out Unicron with the Matrix (and Unicron still wasn't truly dead), managing to defeat the insane Galvatron, and lose the Matrix a couple of times. In the episode "Dark Awakening", Roddie insisted on giving Optimus the Matrix even though Optimus was acting strangely, and the others strongly advised him not to. And what good did that do? Optimus turned against them and abandoned them on the Mausoleum. Goes to show that even with the combined wisdom and knowledge stored in the Matrix, Rodimus was still darn incapable.


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