04 November 2007

Under the Sea - Their Arrival

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It was 30th October.

They are here. The full set of Seacons, all mint on card and mint in box. After approximately 5 days of waiting, they are here!

This huge box that claimed almost the entire chair and so high it reached to my chest level. I peered at the label and confirmed that my Seacons are indeed contained in this huge box.

I had to wait till the next day to open it and when doing so thought 'wow, the seller really outdid himself and exceeded my expectations in terms of packing'.

This was my message to him before he packed:
'Could you use a generously sized box that is say larger than all the contents by 25 to 30%? This is so that if something happens to crush the packing box, the Snap Trap box wont get exponentially damaged. I would try to go for bubble wrapping for individual cardbacks and toys and then pouring in an abundance of packing peanuts, but its your call.'

This is the packing result...

Packing box compared with what is already the huge Scorponok box

From the looks of it, it seems he followed my suggestion to the T. I really appreciate that. I appreciate a seller who respects the buyer rather than just thinking 'this bugger wants to give me more work.'

There were 2 smaller packing boxes inside the large box.

The individual Seacons were generously bubble wrapped and within the big packing box. Inside the first one was Snap Trap MIB all padded with cardboard to keep the flap straight and packing peanuts to buffer the toy box from damage.

Ultra secure packing for Snap Trap box, which came in a smaller box put within the large packing box

In the second smaller packing box were the 5 Seacon cardbacks. Each cardback was fully protected with custom cut cardboard and then generously bubble wrapped.

Individually bubble wrapped Seacon cardbacks

Cardboard protected and reinforced

The packing was so secure that I'm 100% certain the toys reached me in the state they left the seller.

The seller's eBay userID is 'frankiemelbourne'. I highly recommend this seller.

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