25 November 2007

Sydney fan meet & Collectibles Fair

Some pictures of the OZ Formers message board fan meet at the Parramatta Collectibles Fair today. Needless to say, I was there. Needless to say, it was a blast.

OZ Formers board members... or at least some of us

Queuing up

After fair show, tell and talk plus trading

After fair show, tell and talk plus trading

Stencilator's amazing custom of Evac into Blades

Another of Stencilator's amazing customs- TF Movie tow truck into G1 Hoist

Custom painted TF Movie Bumblebee

Haul for the day

I got a complete Scourge, with the elusive disintegrator laser, at a bargain price- that was the Transformers highlight. Thanks go to Fungal Infection for the Omega Supreme parts.

The other highlight was something quite delightfully surprising. I found some guy selling minty new Kenner Super Powers figures, lots of them. I was so into this line when young, the only problem being that they were expensive and pretty rare. Capes made of cloth instead of plastic is the other reason I fancy this line so much.

So, I snapped up a good 13 Super Powers figures, each averaging out to AU$12.70. Nice!

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