04 November 2007

Under the Sea - Photogallery [part 1]

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Below is a gallery of this great set. Overbite, Seawing, Nautilator, Skalor, Tentakil and Snap Trap are shown in their respective packaging- mint-on-card and mint-in-box.

They are shown in their designated order, beginning from SE1 (Overbite) through to SE6 (Snap Trap).

Now, let the pictures speak for themselves!

SE1: Overbite MOC

Closeup of SE1: Overbite MOC

SE2: Seawing MOC

Closeup of SE2: Seawing MOC

SE3: Nautilator MOC

Closeup of SE3: Nautilator MOC

SE4: Skalor MOC

Closeup of SE4: Skalor MOC

SE5: Tentakil MOC

Closeup of SE5: Tentakil MOC

SE6: Snap Trap MIB

Closeup of SE6: Snap Trap MIB

Overbite (SE1) & Seawing (SE2)

Seawing (SE2) & Nautilator (SE3)

Skalor (SE4) & Tentakil (SE5)

Full set of 6 Seacons mint in US packaging

Full set of 6 Seacons mint in US packaging

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