21 November 2007

Metalverse Hot Rod- My reasons

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My disdain for Rodimus Prime have probably been made known on more than one occasion. Two occasions exist on this site alone- Why Wheelie?; and Why not Rodimus?

Seeing as that being the case, writing this article about my fascination with Metalverse (MV) Hot Rod would be wholly inconsistent and out of character. Still, its happened. And I found it rather odd.

I found it rather odd that I was (and still am) so enamoured with the MV Hot Rod. By rights, I should dislike Hot Rod as much as Rodimus because it is in this earlier incarnation that he interrupted Prime and Megatron’s fight leading to the demise of the former.

Now, I have to qualify my infatuation with MV Hot Rod, to myself at least.

These are my reasons:
  • The abosolute Generation One-ness of this sculpt on the whole.
  • It’s head sculpt and detailing are easily the most perfect and beautiful representation of Hot Rod’s visage across any release or type of release. The Hard Hero bust came pretty close, but nowhere near as good as the MV head sculpt.
  • Anthropometric proportions pleasing to the eye. Unlike crappy sculpts based on, for example Pat Lee’s blockish, disproportionate and ugly designs; MV Hot Rod is almost flawlessly anthropometric.
  • Right amount of detail without going overboard. It's a near 100% match with the Floro Dery designed Marvel Character sheets.
So there it is, my justification for liking what is otherwise a character I've loathed since 1986. And just 'cos I like MV Hot Rod so much, this is a gratuitous shot of him...

Headshot of MV Hot Rod

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  1. I guess if they made the toy as good as this sculpt back in 1986,
    the world would have a differnt view of HOT ROD and perhaps rodimus too.

    1. I'm not sure the world would have a different view of Hot Rod even if he had a nicer toy, he's damned because of what he did in TFTM, I'd think!

  2. I love Hot Rods toy, Rodimus is a bit weak for sure but I like the chromed pipes and look of the futuristic camper-truck for some reason and on his battle platform he doesn't look as bad/ maybe.. but yeah Hot Rod was always a pretty cool toy to me, and as a kid didn't like Rodimus Prime, but now he is alright to me, besides we all make mistakes and have doubts about ourselves..don't we? Even he seemed pretty happy to be Hot Rod again, would't we all like to be young again?

    1. I agree that Hot Rod was a pretty cool toy - colours are nice, proportions are good. I disdain for Rodimus Prime stems from a few sources - (1) he's a pretty crap leader (given that we do have doubts about ourselves); and (2) the toy is *really* crap (I remember getting him as a kid and felt SO cheated by its utter lack of transformation complexity and play value).


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