22 November 2007

First Month

Verily dear sirs and m'ams, its been a month!

It's been a month since Heroic Decepticon went live.

It has been a very exciting first month and many interesting things have happened. Although the site only clocked a modest 1500+ page hits, I'm still determined to keep the content original and the topics innovative.

I thank all readers who've taken some time to view the site. According to Google Analytics, readers hail from more than 22 countries with Australia registering the most number of hits followed by the United States, Singapore and the UK.

I'm also happy to announce that we've formed friendships and fostered connections. 3 sites have kindly put up direct links to Heroic Decepticon:
I hope to increase our network and be linked from more and varied like minded TF sites, possibly Australian ones since the readership is the highest here. Onward I go...

'till next month...


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