06 November 2007

Rumble is blue Frenzy is red - Don Figueroa speaks

Today, I saw a little something related to the original Rumble is blue, Frenzy is Red article I wrote a few weeks back.

I was reading Dreamwave's The War Within (vol. 1), which was penciled by Don Figueroa.

It was a little into issue #2. I was scrutinizing a particular panel to see how Figueroa designed Powerglide's cybertronian mode when I saw it. There it was inscripted on the hover platform Powerglide (and Outback) were standing on- the words FIRRIB.

FIRRIB: Frenzy is Red, Rumble is Blue.

This is no fluke and cannot have ended up in the panel if Figueroa didn't want it there; he is known for sneaking 'easter eggs' into the panels he illustrates. He put it there because he wanted it there. He put it there because he believed Frenzy is Red and Rumble is Blue. Exactly what I believe in too!

Here it is:

Detail showing FIRRIB [panel 1, War Within (vol.1) #2, Dreamwave]

I am extremely delighted to discover that (arguably) the best Transformer artist in the industry advocates FIRRIB.

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  1. Actually, frenzy is "a spell of violent excitement" and rumble is "to make a deep, heavy, somewhat muffled, continuous sound, as thunder".


  2. In 'a spell of violent excitement', you're blood boiling red; you make a 'deep, heavy, somewhat muffled, continuous sound, as thunder' when you're feeling blue.

    Frenzy is still red, Rumble is still blue. =)

  3. amazing collection and great blog you have here. :)


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