01 October 2013

Takara Masterpiece MP-17: Prowl (pictorial) review

So as I mentioned yesterday that I got MP-17: Prowl and that I will transform him during breakfast today.

Well, I did. In fact, I felt like I was 10 years old again, because I got out of bed earlier than usual and could not get back to sleep, too excited at the prospect of playing with Prowl.

Japanese box 09 - Prowl MIB; USA boxed pre-rub Prowl MIB, unused; and MP-17: Prowl MIB

What else is there to say other than that its another wonderful figure to the already stella MP line. There is very little not to like about the figure - it's a work of art.

The car mode, is spot on in terms of its styling and scale, continuing from the strong precedent set by the Lamborghini molds (MP-Sideswipe, Red Alert, Tigertrack).

After transforming MP-Prowl, I proceeded to take a number of gratuitous photos... haha. Here they are...

In the photos are various Prowl incarnations: (1) rub-sign Prowl MIB (no insert); (2) Japanese box 09 - Prowl MIB; (3) USA boxed pre-rub Prowl MIB, unused; and (4) MP-17: Prowl MIB

MP-17 out of box and transformed into robot mode.

Guess what? After 30 years, Prowl can finally strike his box art pose!

Some comparisons with his G1 persona.

Front view

Side view

Rear view

Close up of face

Masterpiece Prowl saying hi to G1 Prowl (I have actually posted this on FaceBook)

Here are some shots of MP-17 with other MPs, for scale purposes. I think Takara did a wonderful job with the scale of the cars. They are literally the same height.


  1. Man, I am so jealous right now. My Prowl hasn't even shipped yet! Looking at the pics, I'm delighted to see the rear wheels on the feet. I was really hoping for that.

    1. The transformation for this is great. And it does look like the G1 designs - the cartoon designs!

  2. All of these new MPs have me seriously reconsidering my collection focus. I'm feeling more "connected" to what the MP line is doing as opposed to the whole "classics" line. Maybe it's time for a change?

    1. Hmm… actually what you said just gave me a whole new idea for a post. I can see why the new MPs would have many a G1 collecting re-assessing whether they should drop the “classics” line entire and just focus on MP.

      I think this stems from us wanting (at least) a full 1984 and if we dare hope 1985 cast – that’s in fact what’s behind a lot of the reason why people started chasing the “classics” – when there was a possibility of completing the cast, in updated, more poseable homages. It’s a chase that is still going on, since 2006!

      Thus to say to myself, “let’s drop classics and focus on MP (in the hope of having the 1984 cast in MP figures)”, is going to take a monumental amount of patience. For me, I’m not prepared to do that. I see the MP line as high end premium wine if you will, and the “classics” line as affordable table wine, which I can play without minding about the condition too much. Also, the “classics” line, with all the third party figures, is really an impressive line up now. There is no way MP can match the sheer number of characters in a short amount of time.

  3. Looks beautiful. Interesting that you watermarked all your pics, but I can certainly understand why.

    1. Thanks man. I have long wanted to watermark my pics, for various reasons, chief among them is people using them on eBay (which I only realize from time to time, but who knows how much they have been used and I was not aware).
      The key issue is time, it just takes that much longer to crank out a post if I also have to watermark the photos…. =(

    2. Finally got this sucker in hand. IMO best Transformer. He is literally perfect, there is no way they will be able to improve a Prowl figure beyond this.

    3. Can't wait to see your review on your site for this! Completely agree that with the recent MPs, Takara would be hard pressed to improve them any further, at this scale (I'm just cautioning myself to be less certain because MP-10 is a definite improvement over MP-01, and I guess, back then, I thought a better Prime could not be done after MP-01).

  4. great review, hopefully mine arrives this week, so beyond stoked lol.

    i get why you watermark your photos, my hercules one is in completed listings, stolen from tfw

    1. hey man, thanks for stopping by! Not seen you here much. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this - do get well soon too!

      What happened with your Hercules pics?


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