12 October 2013

Just received! Charticon exclusives from Arkvander - Landshark and custom tech specs plus bonus(?)

This year, I really wanted to go to Charticon, the inaugural unofficial Transformers convention in Charlotte, USA, organised by some of the nicest and bestest collectors around, including Arkvander and Flywheels.

Due to work (both E and myself), we could not go. However, there were just lots of goodies to be had there, exclusives, customs and other things.

Long story short, I requested Arkvander to help me pick up a small number of items, if he had the time. Very graciously, he did. And he's sent them to me and I received them today.

I will talk about each of these items in due course but would like to mention here that the biggest surprise and delight was actually receiving these 2 custom SCF figures - hate spore coated Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus!

I first saw these figures on Arkvander's site a couple of days ago. I thought to myself 'what a great idea this is, to use up some of the clear and pewter SCF figures that a typical collector would not care about or want'. I thought Arkvander hit all the right notes with these figures.

Then at the end of his post, he said "I sent these two off to a friend who I know also really enjoys SCF...", and I thought, 'damn', they are gone. And immediately felt envious of their new owner and new home.

To my utter surprise, here they are! I appear to be the 'new owner and new home'! Wow, I am just blown away and very honoured. Thanks buddy! (don't know what I did to deserve this!)

These will enter a treasured place in my SCF collection (and of course, will be the subject to a future post here).

More on the other goodies soon.

~ HD


  1. Those SCFs did turn out really nice.

    1. Again, credit should go to Arkvander!
      I will be doing a dedicated post on the SCFs, that's how awesome they are.

  2. Evil Autobot (aka wife of HD)13 October 2013 at 16:42

    Thanks Arkvander for the surprise gift to HD (who's thrilled to see the red SCFs). XD


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