27 October 2013

Custom SCFs - Hate-plague infected Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus

On 12 October 2013, I received a surprise package from a buddy collector friend. It was a good surprise for a weekend and I talked about the contents of the package in my post here.

These were the contents.

For this post, I want to focus on 2 particular items in the package – the custom Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus SCF figures.

laddies in red

Oh, you probably were going to ask why they are all red. Yes, that. There is an excellent reason – these figures are meant to reflect the events in the G1 episodes “The Return of Optimus Prime”, a 2-parter. In that episode, some puny humans discovered a type of spore, that causes a hate-plague if it infects robots. Humans are unaffected. Once infected, the Transformer turns complete glowy-red and can on-infect other Transformers by touch. During the course of the 2 episodes, more and more Transformers were infected and among them, you guessed it, Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus were infected.

Infected Ultra Magnus

These customs were done in tribute to that episode and what a wonderful success these figures are!

Cyclonus, stunning in... red

These customs were done by Arkvander, using an air-brush process and some other ultra-secret kung-fu technique that he acquired – well, actually the latter bit is an embellishment. He did tell me that he used a technique that he discovered, but since I’m a complete idiot when it comes to customisation, I thought I won’t embarrass myself by going into the details.

The result is 2 very evenly and well painted SCFs. The paint-job is smooth and matte, not sticky at all. Overall, these feel as good as production figures that rolled off some industrial type painting process.

Dealin' with it

One other think I wanted to point out is that there are different shades of red per figure. In other words, these figures are not just completely one share of red. There are details and different shades of red. Check out the below photos.

Check out the detail of the leg vents

Front legs, upper legs and fist is a different shade of red

Below is a comparison shot of the various SCF repaints.

Left to right: ACT 1 original colour Ultra Magnus, hate-plague custom Ultra Magnus by Arkvander, Movie Trailer version Ultra Magnus

Original Cyclonus and hate-plague custom Cyclonus by Arkvander

Altogether now, with Alloy Coated Prime, also from the hate-plague episode (this is a SCF chase figure too!). Pictured with Matrix wielding Rodimus and Galvatron.

In closing, I would like to thank my buddy Arkvander for these. They are very much appreciated and I am very happy.


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  1. This was such a fun project and I'm really glad I could make them for you. Now that I am on the eve of completing the SCFs I find myself only wanting more new ones. I'll continue to explore potential repaint ideas. Ideally I would love to make a brand new Gnaw for Charticon 2015, but I'm sure that will be prohibitively expensive.

    1. Yeah man, these are really nice. Much appreciated!
      You mean an SCF Gnaw for Charticon? That sounds doable no? It wouldnt have lots of moving parts.
      Think you gotta start on the Suntory BOSS figures when you are done with SCFs....

  2. I didn't even notice the different shades of red in Arkvander's post! That's done good detailing!


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