05 October 2013

E's Hot Toys Catwoman and Ravage

E is a Ann Hathaway fan.

When she saw Dark Knight Rises and Ann Hathaway as Catwoman, she decided she wanted this Hot Toys Catwoman figure. She pre-ordered it almost a year ago at Hot Toys' HK flagship store and only got the figure relatively recently.

This is E's first Hot Toys figure and only our second ever 1/6th scale figure - the only other 1/6th scale figure we have is Batman, The Dark Knight version. As you can see, it deserves a shelf all on its own.

A few days ago, E was playing around with the figure and decided that Catwoman needed to be surrounded by kitties. The closest kitties at hand were.... some Ravage figures.

Robot Heroes Ravage and Catwoman.

G1 Ravage with Catwoman

E made Catwoman carry a cat... Masterpiece Ravage is on her arm

Looking at it, the Catwoman figure has a nice head sculpt.

And, ermm... this is where all the Ravages came from - E's Soundwave display area!

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