01 April 2008

The Big Move (part 02) - their new home

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28 January 2008. It was a grueling day.

I started moving things from 8am till 4pm, non-stop. The Transformers were the last things to be moved to the new place- they were too precious to be manhandled by rough movers. I had to personally move them, all 35 storage units and 15 to 20 carton boxes worth of them.

It was trying to say the least, but at least I got peace of mind (or was it piss off mind). Yeah, I know, I've been known to be obsessive compulsive, at times.

By early February, it was all ready. I had them all properly stored and sorted into the new storage system.

Here they are...

Store room

The Transformers room - complete with little bonsai courtesy of daddy

The Transformers room - display shelves near window

Display shelves (part 01)

Display shelves (part 02)

Next: Zoom in of displays

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  1. Hey man!
    Wow, where's ur S'pore location?
    Your collection looks amazing, too bad that it's all packed up and stored....

  2. I'm in the Tiong Bahru area, heh. The stuff must be packed up because I only visit them once a year. I can't bring myself to leave them out there gathering dust...

  3. What a waste. lol.
    The THREE Fort Maxs alone made my eyes bulge out.

  4. hahaha... wait till you see chapter 5. Take a stab at what 'the new quest' is for...

  5. Hmm. OMG!!! Don't tell me you wanna collect EVERY FortMax toy ever produced? =P

  6. goodness, you are right on the money! Anyway, chapter 5 may have to wait for a couple more days. I've just re-read Transformers UK #96 and #97 and there's this Predaking post I just had to make.

    Enjoy the new post dude! =)


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