13 April 2008

The Big Move (part 04) - Epilogue

Previous chapter: Shelves zoom in!

So the displays were finally up.

So its all nice, all good, all excellent.

Or is it?

There I was relaxing, sitting, admiring the shelved Transformers and... I was dissatisfied. I found something is not right. Something is not right with this picture...

What's wrong with this?

I was turning my gaze from left to right and from right to left. Left to right is fine. Right to left is... not fine. At the top, I see Korean box Brave Maximus, Japanese box Brave Maximus, Grand Maximus, then Overlord. Overlord?!?

Not that I have anything against Overlord but that space to the left of Grand Maximus appears to be crying out for another 'Maximus'. Nay, it must be filled with another Maximus!

I now saw it this way. That grey area that must be filled.

I must fill it with another Maximus.

Yes, that's what I'll do. That will be my new quest- a Fortress Maximus!

Next: The New Quest (Deadpool, this chapter is dedicated to you!)

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  1. Well, I'm honored. Heh. Overlord does look out of place, and it's definitely nowhere near FortMax in terms of grandness and size. I would wish you luck other than the fact that you already have 3 FMaxes meaning that you wouldn't actually need any luck. Haha.

  2. Heh, thanks for the well wishes dude. Something is already in the works and I hope to update the site soon. But, I'll let the series of articles that are already planned run their course first.

  3. holy *jaw drops* !?!?!

    Like deadpool says, don't you already have enough fort maxes?


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