11 April 2008

Megatron Origin- issue #02 easter eggs

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Issue #02 was packed with easter eggs and G1 tribute moments. I attempt to record some of them here.

*Spoilers from this point forward*

Megatron versus Cy-Kill
What can I say? As mentioned here, this is a great moment. Megatron going against Cy-Kill for real and its not some obscure thing in the background like the damaged Cy-Kill in Dreamwave's Transformers Armada #16 (page14, panel 1).

Here, we see the future leader of the Decepticons go toe-to-toe with the leader of the Renegade Go-Bots. And Megatron kills him just as surely as Transformers killed the Go-Bot toyline. A metaphorical and literal victory of Transformers over the Go-Bots.

Megatron versus Cy-Kill in gladiatorial combat


The Audience
Here (from left to right), we see unknown (probably Go-Bot), Spinister, Sunstreaker, Slugslinger and, interestingly... a Transformer that appears to be Overlord.

Page 4, panel 5

From the comparison below, I am, myself, quite convinced that the guy on the extreme right is indeed Overlord. If that is correct, this would mark his first ever appearance in US continuity perhaps even foreshadowing his future role as the Decepticon Ambassador of Destruction- woohoo!

Left: Robot suspected of being Overlord. He has a distinctively similar headsculpt with the Overlord toy (right). He even has a 'cone' on his shoulder like the toy.
Right: Head close up of Overlord toy.


Terrocons and Predacons
The Terrorcons and Predacons were with Megatron from the beginning. This panel shows Hun-Grrr and Tantrum; Blot appears to be in the background as well.

The beginning of the Predacons' ascension as the Decepticons' elite cadre of hunters and crack strike team perhaps?



Look! It's Blaster's buddy from the G1 Marvel Transformers comics!

Left: A Scrounge looking robot scavenging for energon? (Page 14, panel 1)
Right: Scrounge from page 5, Marvel Transformers #17


An empty
This here (top picture) appears strikingly like an empty from the Dead End region of Polyhex- not just any empty, but the empty that supplied Blaster with the whereabouts of Scrounge! (bottom picture)

Top: An empty empty in the vicinity of Megatron's latest gladiatorial arean (Page 14, panel 3)
Bottom: Apparently the same empty from page 12, Marvel Transformers #17


Weapon enhancements

An offering of Decepticon weapon enhancements. Present, are Megatron's energon flail/ morningstar/ mace, Starscream's null ray, Shockwave's arm cannon and other assorted weapons that I don't exactly recognize.

For me, the highlight of this issue is definitely the Megatron- Cy Kill fight at the beginning- that in itself is worth the dollars and cents I shelled out for this issue.

That's a wrap for Issue #02 in terms of easter eggs, links with G1 and other little conclusions.

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  1. Go-Bots = Losers!!!

    I'm hoping that these "cameos" serve a larger purpose.
    And Scrounge's story in the G1 comics was really sad. Actually, i reckon he could have been saved and repaired.

    As for the weapons, the one on the left of Shockwave's cannon looks kinda like Hot Rod's gun.

  2. I remember Scrounge fondly. He just wanted to help... and got dropped into the darn smeltering pool...

  3. Yeah, poor guy. First he lost an arm thanks to Straxus, then he lost 3/4 of his body. Bummer. But then, what transformer in the right mind would actually get a wheel as a alt.mode??

  4. Heh, you are pretty sharp on your G1 comics lore! Nowadays, I talk to the people around me and their memory stretches only as far back as 'Dreamwave'... sad really.

  5. Actually, I read more of the G1 comics than the DW or IDW ones. Sure, the art of the modern ones are great, but i prefer the oldschool stuff. I collected some of the Titan Books rereleases of those. Except for the occasional coloring errors, the Marvel TF comics are pretty good. Before the TF Movie was released, everybody i spoke to just remembered TF as "the lame outdated cartoon"..... until the movie came out.

  6. I'm totally with you there. The Marvel stuff just has depth and granularity to it the the DW stuff simply lacked. The IDW stuff is shaping up to be pretty darn good I'd say. But then again, they were written by the same guy who wrote about half the G1 stuff back in its day.

    The old TF cartoon may cheesy sometimes, but I think its far from lame or outdated. Some of the 80s cartoons are simply unwatchable at our age. I tried to sit through an episode of He-Man and MASK and didn't make it past 5 minutes.

    Oh, btw, the next post is for you since you did guess it correctly!

  7. Holy god! ANOTHER FortMax? That would make you like, one of the few people in the world who actually has more than 3 FortMax(es). Anyway, I find some of the animation errors in the G1 cartoon quite amusing. As for He-Man, i wasn't really too interested in a half-naked guy holding a big sword running around. Heh.

  8. Yes, it shall be a FortMax, but a special one at that.

    My gf and I just laugh outselves silly at the animation errors and witty dialog from G1.

    I mean, how we not laugh when Grimlock says Megatron things like: "You wrong, and you ugly too." heh.


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