08 April 2008

The Big Move (part 03) - shelves zoom in!

Previous chapter: Their new home

At the new place, I could do what I did not use to- I can display my Transformers.

Those identified as display worthy are wrapped using heavy duty clear plastic sheets called talc. Now, they can be proudly displayed without fear of moisture or dust. How wonderful!

These are pictures of the display shelves in my Singapore Transformers' room.

Display shelves near window - highlights are the newly acquired D-93 Mega Zarak and D-307 Overlord... and also Metalhawk which I bought from HK some years ago at a ridiculously low price.

Close up of top section

Upper display shelves near window - highlights are a Jap box and Korean box Brave Maximus and a gem that's close to heart- BT-18 Clear Mirage

Close up on middle section - includes all Takara Masterpieces from MP-01 to MP-05; all Binaltechs plus variants from BT-01 to BT-16 (though I don't think I put all out there)

Bottom section featuring the MISB Victory Saber giftset and a spare Victory Saber loose. For more, see The Road to Victory (part 03) .

Upper display shelves second section

Close up of middle section - highlights are my childhood Jap box Predacons

Close up bottom section - eHobby exclusives. Hard to believe as it sounds I actually got TigerTracks (Figure King Magazine exclusive), Deepcover and Clampdown, all MISB, for SGD$120 net when 'nobody wanted these'.

I was over the moon when all these were up. It is such a joyous thing to be greeted by that many Transformers on entering this space. It was great. But, there was something nagging at the back of my head... something that would lead me on yet another... quest.

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  1. All i can say is this... Leave me some of your TFs in your will!!!! Lol. But seriously, that's one heck of a collection you have. Most people dont even have a single vintage Star Saber, and you have TWO.

  2. Haha... yeah, I gotta admit that's insane. I used to buy repeats as 'upgrades' with the intention of selling off the poorer piece, but of late (as in since 2004), I just don't get around to selling the excess pieces off.

    In the end, I just keep them... for better or worse...

    hey it does seem that a reissue Metroplex is really a legit thing 9as you've mentioned).

  3. I'm hoping that Encore will release a Combiner set. That'll be totally great. Btw, how much would you see the loose Victory Saber for?

  4. Yeah, its strange that they have not reissued any of the combiners other the the micromaster ones.

    You mean you want to buy the loose Victory Saber?

    If you look closely its not in the best of conditions. SS is actually quite yellowed and VL is slightly yellowed with some loose joints. Obviously, its also not complete. It's not for the discerning collector; and is not recommended to be the first Victory Saber set you own (assuming that is true).

    I bought it so that I could have a Victory Saber to play with and not have to touch the MIB giftset.

    The loose set is actually quite similar to the one Vincent's Collection has except that his does not even come with SS's brainmaster and plane cone.

    You might want to check that out first? He's selling both for S$180 if memory serves.

  5. On second thoughts, I think i'll stop buying vintage G1 stuff for now. You never know whether TakaraTomy will reissue the characters..... I reckon Victory Saber might get an Encore in a few years' time. I actually prefer reissues rather than vintage ones due to the difference in condition and packaging, and reissues are sometimes more affordable.

  6. haha, I think you got the right idea. I'm not sure whether Takara will ever release a Victory Saber, but they sure are dishing out some very surprising reissues of late.

    I would previously have wagered an arm and a leg that the likes of Sky Lynx, Omega Supreme, Jetfire, the Deluxe autobots and Deluxe insecticons will never be reissued. But then see what they brought us.

    Who's next? Shockwave maybe, that'd kick butt. Or how about Overlord? Or Scorponok with Black Zarak being the eHobby exclusive? hahah...

    I'm about to post the next chapter on Megatron Origin. Have fun reading!

  7. I was expecting TakaraTomy to just focus on reissuing the main G1 Season1/2 characters before going on to Season3/4 at first, but TakTomy seems to be really unpredictable. I'm hoping that they would reissue Roadbuster though, he was quite a spiffy figure.

  8. I think they at first were focusing on Season 1 and 2 but that is not always true. Predaking and Sixshot was from season 3 and they got reissued too.

    A Roadbuster reissue might be unlikely, as is Whirl, Chop Shop, Venom, Ransack and Barrage, as these were licensed from BanDai, which is still around and pretty much a competitor.

  9. Yeah, along with Jetfire.... Sad really, since Bandai actually doesn't even use those molds anymore, other than Jetfire's. Sadly I only started collecting G1 when the TFC reissues started. So far I only have Megatron, Optimus, Starscream, Astrotrain, Soundwave/Laserbeak, Hot Rod, Sideswipe, Ratchet, the 3 Insecticons, KO Metroplex and Fastlane, which is vintage but lacking the accesories.

  10. Yup, sad that BanDai and Takara are such fierce competitors. Don't think they will ever give permission to use the Roadbuster and Whirl molds.

    Actually, I think the TFC era is the best time to start collecting/ re-collecting Transformers. You can get series 1 and 2 stuff for a steal. I remember back in 1999 before all these reissues, that a G1 Megatron in crap condition can still cost an arm and a leg (so did Prime, Prowl, Soundwave and Starscream for that matter).

    If you got the TFC Prime (#00), you should be smiling... just look at the exorbitant amounts it commands on eBay.

  11. Well, i got the TFC-0, but it's in a pretty bad shape now (as in the paint and stickers). I dont collect TFs with the intention of reselling at a higher price.

  12. You played with it?

    Way to go dude! That's what these things are for- to play with.

    Which is why I never understand MISB collectors. Toy stuck in box, only can turn the box round and round to 'see' it... might as well be collecting paintings.

  13. Yeah, i buy TFs for playing. After all, they ARE toys. And i usually dont get two copies of one figure as that would mean that a kid somewhere else might not get a toy he wants. lol. And i also dont collect two of the same mold (like repaints and slight remolds).

  14. I just think toys should be played with. What's the point of buying them otherwise.

    But I do get repeats when they tickle my fancy... much like Heroic Decepticon, but, dude, I think you've got waaaay too many repeats from the look of it.


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