27 April 2008

The New Quest

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*Kudos to Deadpool/ Den-O for guessing right before I even started penning this chapter!*

Due to the slight discomfort I spoke about in the previous chapter, Fortress Maximus was to be my next acquisition. Also, knowing myself, it must be an MIB one at the very least- no matter the cost.

Fortress Maximus.

I turned the thought over in my head a couple of times. 'Which one?' I asked myself.

Which one?

Certainly not the RiD reissue, since I have 2; Certainly not Grand Maximus, since I have that guy. So its a toss up between either a USA boxed one or a Japanese boxed one. Normally and as I always do, I will go for the US boxed one but in this instance there was more to consider.

A year ago, I had the chance to acquire a US boxed Fortress Maximus from Hong Kong. At SGD$750, but with a broken Cerebros and yellowed/ yellowing parts, I declined to buy it. One of the reasons actually, was also that the US Fortress Maximus box art was, I thought, less than impressive.

Now, when I'm definitively getting a Fort Max, I'm faced with the further choice of either still going for the US boxed one or the Japanese boxed one. I quickly decided that the Jap box Fort Max is the way to go because:
  • It has such sweet box art. Much more beautiful than the US box art.
  • It comes with a Master Sword and having seen from my Grand Maximus how impressive one of these babies were, I thought there is no harm in getting another.
  • C-114, Jap box Fort Max is in recent times becoming even rarer than what was previously the already rare C-311 Grand Maximus. I have gotten confirmation of this from my circle of collectors and toy shop owners in both Singapore and Hong Kong. In short, its a of better investment value.

USA box package art (left) versus Japanese box package art (right) (images from Botch's Box Art Archive)

The verdict is out: The quest is for Fortress Maximus, it is for C-114, Fortress Maximus in japanese box.

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  1. So.... are you gonna planning to get yet another fort max after getting this fourth one? lol.

  2. Whoa, don't put such dangerous thoughts in my mind just yet. C-114 would be enough... for now. heh.

  3. Heh.

    I was rewatching G1 again, and i realized that there were really a lot of loose ends that weren't tied up.

    1. Elita One
    They could have shown her with Optimus on the Moonbase. After all, Prime promised that he would return to her.

    2. Omega Supreme
    What a waste that the "last line of defense" totally didn't appear at all.

    3. Superion, Bruticus, Menasor, Defensor
    None of the newer gestalts appeared either..... Imagine how cool an all-out battle with the 4 gestalts would be.

    4. Optimus' relationship with Alpha Trion
    In War Dawn, Optimus was clearly rebuilt by Alpha Trion along with Ariel/Elita One. And yet, in the Search For Alpha Trion, he seemingly had totally no memory of that....

  4. Hmmm... yes G1 is full of inconsistencies and lots of loose ends. That's what we love and hate about it I suppose. In the end, it does leave a lot to the imagination, which is probably the reason why interest still subsists today.

    1. The female Autobots were an anomaly in G1 and were only supposed to be confined to the episodes in which they appeared. In fact, Elita-One and the femmbots appeared in only 1 episode (Search for Alpha Trion). If I remember correctly, the writer was just taking a stab at writing in 'female' Transformers although it doesn't actually make sense - robots can't have different sex but perhaps different genders is possible?

    2. Omega Supreme did appear, and in many episodes at that- Blaster Blues, The Golden Lagoon, The God Gambit, Child's Play, The Secret of Omega Supreme....

    3. The reason for this was because TFTM was supposedly written at the start of Season 1, before these toys were even designed or released. Production for TFTM went from late 1984 to August 1986. It was too late in the day to incorporate the newer combiners by the time they appeared in late 1985... or so they say.

    BUT, to satisfy your craving for what happened to them, pick up a copy of Transformers: The Animated Movie #01- you will see what Defensor, Superion, Omega Supreme, Bruticus and Menasor were doing during the attack of Autobot city. Since this mini-series was written by Bob 'the father of G1 Transformers' Budiansky, I'll take that as canon.

    4. Like I said, G1 and its inconsistencies. You'll probably realise that G1 was written by a whole plethora of different writers from episode to episode- now imagine these guys never actually talking to each other much and you get a pretty good inconsistent picture.

  5. Oh, i was referring to the G1 Movie on the point abt Omega. The G1 animated series would have been leaps better if the storyline was actually more coherent and consistent. But then, if it was, it wouldn't quite be the G1 that everybody came to love.... Btw, you seem to dislike BW quite a fair bit....

  6. I always found it strange that so few Decepticons actually decimated an entire city of Autobots. Omega being there would have made a difference I'd think. So you are right about the last line of defense thing (but then check out The Animated Movie #01 to see where he actually was).

    I dislike BW, I'm not too fond of it. So much about it does not sit right with me; it does not sit right in the sense that Transformers-should-not-have-annoying-kids/humans-running-around type of sit right- Transformers should be about robots, no kids/humans; Transformers should not transform into animals and what not strange organically inspired creatures.

    I give credit to the story but it ends there.

    If half the Transformer myth is transforming robot toys, then BW had at the very least, got it half wrong because the toys suck.


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