18 April 2008

Megatron Origin - issue #03 easter eggs

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Issue #03 was packed with easter eggs and G1 tribute moments. I attempt to record some of them here.

*Spoilers from this point forward*


This was one of those 'Wow' moments. After it sank it and I thought about it. I was totally awestruck at how well Holmes used what was an 80s marketing gimmick, the rub-sign, in a totally justifiable way in terms of the plot. Kudos! I tip my hat to you Eric.

Soundwave using his rub-sign to reveal his allegiance (Page 1)


Energon flail
This was another moment where I raised both arms in a Hiro Nakamura moment with my jaw simultaneously hitting the ground. No more need be said.

Page 6

I recall these moments...

Left: Megatron versus Optimus Prime atop Sherman Dam
Right: The same Sherman damn battle seen from a matrix induced vision (Issue #05, War Within vol. 1, Dreamwave Transformers)


Left to right: Sentinel Prime, Elita-One, Orion Pax, Alpha Trion, Prowl, Wheeljack and Ironhide.

In terms of who Optimus Prime previously was, Alex Milne (or Eric Holmes) seem to favour the G1 cartoon, War Dawn, more than Dreamwave's War Within vol. 1, even though the plot and a vast majority of the Cybertronian modes originate from the latter series.

The third robot from the left has no mouth guard and looks more like Orion Pax in War Dawn than Optronix in War Within vol. 1. Personally, I'd prefer Orion Pax over Optronix and so I'm happy here.

Page 7, panel 5


The Autobot brothers
This is such a cool moment because I've always liked the Autobot brothers Sunstreaker and Sideswipe. The fact that they might have been gladiators themselves and that they could have started off as Decepticons would go a long way to explaining their proficiency at hand to hand combat and their rebellious attitude.

After all, Sideswipe's motto is 'I don't break rules, I bend them- a lot'.

After the panel below, Sunstreaker says 'C'mon, its me. I never lose', further alluding to his G1 motto- 'They can't beat the best'.

Page 12, panel 2


Grimlock and the Dynobots
Grimlock and his Dynobots answers Megatron's call-to-arms, echoing Starscream's assertion that Grimlock used to be a Decepticon (Issue #0, War Within vol. 1)

Page 12, panels 7 & 8


G1 design goodness
Blast-Off on the extreme left, with the 3 spots on his chest, bears an uncanny resemblance to his G1 Floro Dery designed self rather than any of the more recent styles.

... and, the guy on Razorclaw's right... is that Sunstorm by any chance?!?

Page 16, panel 2


Origin of the Decepticon insignia
Megatron, at this point, stills wears the insignia like a necklace but now hints that it should be worn as a symbol of their allegiance.


The Predacons
The Predacons appear again- Razorclaw, Rampage and Divebomb (that is if the 'What's in a name' story in Marvel UK has happened and he's already taken that name from Swoop).


That's a wrap for Issue #03 in terms of easter eggs, links with G1 and other little conclusions.

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  1. I love easter eggs!!!! XD Btw, it seems weird that Soundwave would wear a rub-symbol..... Just seems odd. The way the Seekers' heads is drawn is really good, it reminds me of the G1 cartoon version. So does Megatron: Origins lead to DW's WW? Is WW a part of the IDW continuity?

  2. I think its perfectly rational for Soundwave to wear a rub symbol here, bearing in mind, that this was before the Decepticons were formed. There had to be some of knowing who is on Megatron's side and others who are not. These sympathetics would eventually become Decepticons.

    I'm thinking that Megatron Origin was written with WW in mind. If I'm not wrong Eric Holmes said it somewhere as well.

    As you will see from the events in issue #4, its quite apparent that WW (vol. 1) happens shortly after the events of Megatron Origin.

    (note also that all the Cybertronian modes you see in Megatron origin is identical to WW and this is the first time its occured in the IDW-verse (using DW designs that is).

  3. Ah, Sentinel got killed off, triggering off the start of the Auto-Decep war. I feel that the WW design for Optronix looks better than
    OrionPax though, maybe it's because Optronix looks more like Optimus. As for Soundwave, what exactly is his altmode in there? I never got to see his Pre-Earth mode, other than that lamp-post thing back in G1 MTMTE Episode 1.

  4. Yup, exactly right. I take it you've gone and read Megatron Origin already?

    Soundwave turns into some sort of tank, as they all do. heh.

    I think he does transform in issue 2. I can send you a pic if you've not seen it.

    Anyway, issue #04 easter eggs is out. There are just so many that I had to split it into 2 parts...

  5. Actually, no. That's what i figured out from WW Vol. 1 anyway (Silverstreak telling Optronix about Sentinel supposedly being killed by Megatron). I haven't been to a comics shop for ages, and the previous comic
    i got was a Spidey one. lol.

    As for the Bots being unable to fly, i find that kind of strange though. I mean, has none of the Autobots actually thought to modify themself
    to get flight capabilities? Or they
    could try getting a jet-type altmode. Btw, is it me or does Ravage here look like the WW version?

  6. You're spot on. That is the moment, when Bluestreak was telling Optronix: 'Sentinel Prime is dead... They say Megatron himself ripped the spark core from his shattered torso'.

    But that's the thing about flying. In the comics, nobody but TFs with flight capable alternate modes could fly; in the cartoons, Autobots usually cannot fly... especially in War Dawn where Orion Pax and Dion were 'impressed' by them flying robots.

    It follows that flying is an uncommon but yet cherished trait in the TF universe in general, I'd think.

    (oh yeah, most TFs here are spotted in their WW designs which is why i think its linked)

  7. Hmm. I think that the Autobots' flight capabilities depends on the writer and storyplot. lol. The Autobots flew a couple of times in the G1 cartoon.

    What's up with Nova Prime in the IDW-verse, anyway? I read on the teletraan Wiki that Nova Prime became corrupt or something and became a Nemesis Prime...

  8. Ah well, as we all know G1 is not paragon of consistency. Its all fun and flights.


    Nova Prime in the IDW-verse is the nth prime that came before Sentinel Prime. We are not shown exactly when he ruled the Autobots and for how long.

    He did become corrupted, and together with his assistant Jhiaxus, did a number of darstardly deeds.

    (1) he created the awesomely powerful Monstructor (see here: http://heroicdecepticon.blogspot.com/2007/10/them-little-monsters-prediction-of.html);

    (2) he thinkered with Transformer DNA and did something to Arcee (see Spotlight Arcee);

    (3) He rules or resides in the 'undead universe' and has formed an alliance with Galvatron (who is NOT descended from Megatron) (see Spotlight Galvatron)

    (4) somewhere along the line, somebody calls him Nemesis Prime.

    Be that as it may his intentions are still murkey but he is definitely roaming around somewhere.

  9. Ah. Finally a Galvatron who isn't just an upgraded Megatron......

    Does Jhiaxus in the IDWverse resemble the G2 version in any way?

    And is it the DNA tinkering that made IDW Arcee so badass?

  10. Seeing that Galvatron is his undisputed favourite character, Furman has to somehow work him into present continuity. I guess this is his way of doing it. (oh, btw, Galvatron is part of the crew of the Ark-01 together with Nova Prime and Jhiaxus)

    It's the DNA (or as they call it 'CNA') tinkering that gave her gender (as a female) in the eyes of other Transformers. Not sure I'm explaining so well, but you'll have to read to see what I mean.

  11. Hmm, i guess there's a first time for everything. So IDW Galvatron was an Autobot? I gotta admit that's new..... Btw, how do you think the Movie-verse Galvatron will turn out (if he does appear)?

  12. He wasn't technically an Autobot because that was before factions (Nova Prime was leader awhile ago before Sentinel and it was after the latter's death that the Decepticons were formed).

    I seriously don't think TFTM Galvatron will ever turn up. In fact, the only 2 characters which they'll have difficulty writing into continuity is Galvy and Rodimus Prime, which is a pity to some and a blessing to others.

  13. Waitasec....

    Is EA the same as HD? O.O

  14. yeah it is. It's this other site I have but its not public yet. heh.


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