05 December 2007

Transformers I really wanted as a kid... but were denied

I really meant to post this on 2nd December, but was in one form or another, waylaid. So here it is now...



No. I'm not going to buy that for you.

Ever hear that as a kid?

My brother and I heard that lots and lots... especially when we are clamouring for Transformers, which was considered really expensive back in the 80s. While we had a fair share of our 'requests' granted, there were just as many that fell by the wayside either ignored, ungranted or outright denied.

I cannot speak for my brother, but below is a list of Transformers that I really wanted as a kid but was either denied or did not get around to asking for.

So without further ado, here they are in order of priority (from 'least' to most desired):

[10] Pointblank (didn't get around to asking/buying)
I don't really know why I wanted him, but I remember I do. I thought he was the nicest Autobot Targetmaster among the lot. I still don't have him. *edit 17 Sep 2009*: I now have him mint in box with all inserts and sealed paperworks!

[09] Piranacon (didn't get around to asking/buying)
I know they are funny coloured, they look a little like candy and there are pink parts, but hey I was a kid and I used to even have She-Ra. I don't blame myself for liking them and in fact I still like them. Back then I did not know that each Seacon limb can actually become the weapon, I was simply bowled over by Transformers #47. I now have them. Here as well. My second Piranacon set which is MOC & MIB can be seen here and here.

[08] Dreadwind (didn't get around to asking/buying)
Thought that he is so much cooler than Darkwing. Once again, it was the Marvel Comics, more specifically Transformers #42: People Power, that bought me over on this one. I now have him: here and here.

[07] Runamuck or Runabout (didn't get around buying/asking)
Rightly or wrongly, I was fascinated with the Decepticon Battlechargers. These are not even Transformers per se and by right I should not be interested. What sparked my interest was Transformers #23: Decepticon Graffiti. Man, that was cool. I now have them mint on card, but Mint on Sealed Card ones would be great.

[06] Powermaster Optimus Prime (denied, too expensive)
Needs no explaining. Such a cool updated and huge version of Prime must be every kids dream. It was mine as well, but it was also too expensive. I now have him and 2 pieces of the C-310 giftset, one sealed, one open and an individual C-309 Godbomber in box. All to make up for lost time.

[05] Bluestreak (didn't get around buying/asking)
I remember the times at OG People's Park where I just gwarked at the awesome beauty of Bluestreak's box art - undeniably one of the most beautiful pieces of Transformer box art out there. I didn't get around to buying this because I thought the predominantly silver Bluestreak to be quite uninteresting at that time. I now have him. Here as well.; and a eHobby Anime accurate reissued Bluestreak here. I'm aiming for a Mint in Sealed Box Bluestreak, which I'll get someday... hopefully.

[04] Sideswipe (didn't get around buying/asking)
Love the alternate mode and loved the way Floro Dery stylized him for the cartoon. Of course, his special piledriver arms ability is another factor I am interested in. In the end, I chose his brother Sunstreaker over him when buying time came. What a ficker kid. I now have him.

[03] Snapdragon & Apeface (denied because too expensive)
I just love the Headmaster Horrorcons, who are in fact Triple-Changers in their own right! I also love the box art which is big, whole and didn't have parts of it cropped off. I now have them here: Apeface and Snapdragon MIB; Apeface MIB with inserts; Apeface and Snapdragon figures; posts in relation to Apeface and Snapdragon on the site.

[02] Skywarp (not sold in Singapore)
I feel he is easily the nicest coloured seeker, and the coolest as well. This guy has the ability to teleport, that'd surely come in handy anytime I'm in a fix. As noted here, this guy is unobtainable because it simply isn't sold in Singapore. I now have him.

[01] Ravage & Rumble cassette set (denied, repeatedly)
Yes, I wanted this so bad. I wanted Ravage so bad but for some reason no amount of convincing would sway mummy. Full story here. I now have them. I'm aiming for a Mint on Sealed Card Rumble & Ravage, which I'll get someday... hopefully.

Okay, I'll look for Pointblank now. The only guy I still have yet to obtain from my childhood list...

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