08 July 2007

Chapter VI: Crisis on Infinite Fronts (2006)

It was the year 2005. Unicron attacked Cybertron and almost consumed it. The next year is 2006, a year of great change and flux. So it is for them, so it is for me.

I graduated and intended to return to Singapore for good. Surely, it cannot be bad to be near family, friends and ready sources of Transformer toys. Right? As fate would have it, I would leave, work in Singapore for 6 months and return to Australia again in July 2006 where I have remained till now.

I moved jobs and countries twice in a year and ended up back in Australia . It of course follows that all the ‘disadvantageous complications to Transformer collecting’ in Australia would be factors that are once again at the forefront.

For the most part, this was fine because my G1 collecting was becoming more of a gap filling exercise now and because the current Transformers on retail fails to captivate my interest anyway. Rightly or wrongly, I found Armada (2003), Energon (2004), Universe (2005), Titanium (2006) and Cybertron (2006) very stale and uninspiring. At the end of 2006, one line stood out – Transformers Classics.

I bought most of the Classics line over Christmas 2006 and early 2007. These included: Astrotrain, Starscream, Hot Rod, Bumblebee, Mirage, Grimlock, Ultra Magnus & Skywarp and Jetfire. I refuse to buy Optimus Prime and Megatron; the former is overpriced (approx. AU$46.90 = S$57.70) and the latter is overpriced and looks like a piece of candy.

This led into 2007, was followed by the Transformers movie madness and by a corresponding G1 massive acquisition madness.

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