01 July 2007


The story of the Heroic Collection introduction

It is a nostalgic fantasy story of dreams and of aspirations;
and the courage, determination and perseverance to chase them.

This is the story of a Heroic Decepticon and the origin of his Heroic Collection.

Toy storage wall #01 of 05 (2004)

New storage/display shelves (2008)

New storage/display shelves (2008)

New storage shelves (2008)

Next: Chapter 0 - Prologue

My toy collection photos are hosted here...
My G1 Collection, USA: 1984 to 1986
My G1 Collection, USA: 1987 to 1991
My G1 Collection, Japan: 1984 to 1991
My G1 Collection, group shots of toys and boxes


Read other Chapters of The Origin Story...
Chapter 0: Prologue
Chapter I: Fantasies & Inflections (1984 to 1991)
Chapter II: The Re-awakening (1999)
Chapter III: A New Beginning (1999 to 2001)
Chapter IV: Boxed Agendas (2002)
Chapter V: Coming to Australia (2003 to 2006)
Chapter VI: Crisis on Infinite Fronts (2006)
Chapter VII(1): A Transformers Renaissance (2007)
Chapter VII(2): A Transformers Renaissance (2007)
Chapter VIII: 1988 Once More (2009)

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