15 July 2007

Blastin' with Blaster


I have recently been re-reading the G1 Transformers comics by Marvel. When I got to issue #17 and later issues, I started to realize how pivotal Blaster is.

Blaster was up and about from issue #17 (1985) till around issue #47 (1988)- that is to say he was part of Transformer lore for a good 30 months (2 1/2 years), arguably having the most longevity in a time where characters were written into stories to sell toys.

If Galvatron is (Simon) Furman's favourite, Blaster is clearly (Bob) Budiansky's.

I started reminiscing about how Blaster had helped shaped my interest in Transformers when I was reading issue #32. My interest back then was so strong that I was at pains to convince mummy to buy me a Blaster in 1987 (when interest in Transformers was tapering off) for a very expensive sum of S$69.90.

I would like to pay tribute to Blaster with this article, Blastin' with Blaster, which I know should have appropriately, maybe rightly as well, been titled Rockin' with Blaster. I'm not using the latter title because Blaster was more significant in the comics than the cartoons; while his cartoon personality is close to his rockin' and rollin' profile in the tech specs, the comics Blaster is sombre, mature and holds firm to his ideas and beliefs- thus the title Blastin' with Blaster being more appropriate.

I'll do this tribute in 2 simple ways:
  • Outline Blaster's significance in the Marvel continuity; and
  • Make a Blaster related contribution to the Transformers community/fandom
Next: Blastin' with Blaster's comic persona

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