16 May 2012

Devastator giftset MIB (USA box)

This was part of item #6 in my Calm before the Storm post on 23 April. See, the deluge is still ongoing!

This is a great example of an item that 'piggy-backed' onto another item (ie: the Fortress Maximus box) that I bought from a TFW2005 seller.

This was just the box and foam for the USA released Devastator giftset and because of the reasonable asking price, I thought, why not just get it too. The seller was great and he even customised a shipping box that could fit both the Fortress Maximus box and the Devastator giftset box. 

When I received it, this was my first thought - 'wow, this box and foam is really mint, it looks so much better than I expected and looks even mintier than in the seller's photos.'

I was really impressed.

Since I had a carded and loose set of vintage Constructicons, the loose set now has a home and has transformed into my 'Devastator giftset'.

Some photos, which are pretty much self explanatory.

Close up. Hey, my Constructicons are mint too, yeah?

'Together six Constructicons form the mighty Devastator!' Boom, bam, bang!

Bottom of the box.

Top of the box. Basically the top and bottom are identical except for the different background colour.

I like how the US boxed Transformers always list out exactly what is inside and I always like to read these when I was a kid browsing the toy aisles in the 80s. 'Target shooter', 'rotor blade', 'missile mount', 'master label sheet'....

The back of box, using the back of box art to great effect. I'm also very fond of the layout.

Tech Specs- "Thinking and winning do not mix"

Devastator giftset is worth 6 Robot Points. Makes sense since each Constructicon is worth 1 Robot Point and there are 6 in the package, so "6 Robot Points". Goes to show that 'the whole is not always greater than the sum of its parts'! After all, this guy does chant "Thinking and winning do not mix".

The combination sequence.

Side of box. The crease at the bottom of this flap is about the only remotely objectionable flaw in this nice box.

The other side.

Devastator giftset with US boxed Fortress Maximus, Japanese C-114: Fortress Maximus and Japanese D-98: Sixshot.

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