21 May 2012

Transformers Victory C-319: Landcross (multiforce) giftset MIB, unused

To start off, I want to say that this post is completely inspired by a Landcross post by Arkvander called "Landcross: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations". With the number of times we both subconsciously post about the same subject matter over the past month, I thought I'd better properly attribute this to him, as is actually the case here. 

Oh, and his title is sexier than mine too. 

Go read his post

I'll wait here.



Ok, now onto mine.

I bought this from Hokkaido (Japan) in Feb 2011, more than a year ago. I visited Mandarake before going up to the mountains to ski and bought 2 things - my second Goodbye Convoy giftset and this C-319: Landcross giftset.

Why did I take so long to post about it?

The fantasy? I was waiting to be inspired and subsequently inspired by Arkvander! =)

The truth? I've just been too slack. There're loads of Japanese boxed acquisitions that I haven't even began to document on the site. And many of them are years and years stale.

Ok, onto Landcross.

This is the front of the box. Pretty C9, all sharp edges and unused. Light wear on the flap.

See, I told you the edge was sharp.

So is this one.

And this one too.

And then this. Some slight shelf wear and a little bit of the box art appears to be flaking.

Box art for the individual robots - Wingwaver.


Machtackle. Seriously, the "Tacker" and "Tackle" is damn confusing. Seems like the guys naming these toys were running out of imagination.

Back of the box. Unfortunately, the flap is creased.

Close up of some explanatory text. Probably illustrating how to "play" with and combine Landcross.

Tech Specs.

Total number of possible combinations chart - I see the number "37", so assume that is right. 37 includes each piece as an individual robot as 1 "mode".

Complete unused paperwork (I sliced the baggie open, yay!). Notably, Landcross came with no sticker sheet and there is this 'special' piece of additional instruction for Wing. My speculation is that this little piece of paper would be the most commonly lost thing in 90% of all Landcross giftsets out there.

Out of package and with the box. Have a look at the box art - this is actually a variation for the giftset, where his gun is more perpendicular to the ground and pointing straight up at the sky, probably made to accommodate the position of the plastic window for Waver. The original box art, I suspect, looked a lot more like the one shown here in this vintage 1989 poster from Malaysia.

The snowy white styro insert, like the powdery snow of Hokkaido where this set came from.

Paper works laid out. 

Close up of the 'special' insert Wing instruction excerp (extreme left).

Landcross is worth 3 Robot Points. What? Why? But there are 6 toys. This means that each toy is worth only 1/2 a Robot Point, the equivalent of a USA released minibot.

The bio card. If you look closely at the box art here, you'd find that its different from the 'variant' art on the cover of the box, but similar to the 'original' art seen on the vintage Victory poster.


  1. So...many...shoutouts... Humility...overload...

    That is very interesting about the boxart being altered to showcase the toy. Are there any other documented cases of that happening? That boxart is beautiful!

    1. Not that I know of. I know for Star Saber they used completely different box art between the first release and later release. Minor variants are the brestforce, including Dezzy, one version had 'streams of light' shooting out of the chest area while the other versions had none.


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