15 May 2012

12-Year Anniversary on eBay... has it been that long?!?

Two days ago on Sunday, I received this in the (e)mail.

12 years?!? Has it been that long?

I did a quick check and yes, I have been on eBay for that long - heroic_decepticon has been supporting eBay for more than a decade. So where are my additional perks eBay? Where?

~ HD


  1. LOL! Congrats. I had my 10-year anniversary last January and didn't get any notification from eBay.

    I originally planned on going on a buying spree to "celebrate", but in the end decided against it and only to spend that budget on stuff I really wanted. :-)

    1. Buying spree? Why put more money in eBay's hands? I've basically kind of stopped "supporting" them...


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