18 May 2012

"In Their Own Words" series of articles by Maz

I wanted to pen this since yesterday, after the release of Part 5 of Maz's trilogy called - In Their Own Words.

Wait, does the guy know how to count? Part 5, trilogy? What?

When I logged on today, I found out that Maz, who is also the webmaster of TF-1.com (one of the internet's crowning jewels for diaclone, Joustra and foreign variant information), has become a follower of my site. It is an honour for me and what better way to mark the occasion than introducing his trilogy of articles.

In the 'In Their Own Words' series of articles, Maz invited a number of well known, very experienced and well-read G1 collectors to talk about and showcase a variety of Transformers related items.

Part 1's theme is obscure and rare European and Japanese Transformers, with contributions from:

Part 2's theme is obscure Transformers, with contributions from:
  • Andrew Hall ("hydra");
  • Paul Hitchens ("The Spacebridge");
  • Eric Warren ("Arkvander"; Mostly Transformers Redux);
  • Morgan Evans ("Genetic");
  • "Ras"; and
  • Jeff Stein ("Might Gaine"; HighEndTFs.com).

Part 3's theme is "unique packaging, 'sadistic' promotions", with contributions from:

Part 4's theme is "odd peripheral and obscure" Diaclone and Micro Change toys, with contributions from:
  • Gordon Yip ("vf1");
  • Martin Lund ("Fighbird");
  • Marco Salerno ("Puffmarko");
  • "Ras";
  • Paul Hitchens ("The Spacebridge"); and
  • Francesco Ristori ("EVOLVE").

Part 5's theme is Lucky Draw Transformers toys, with contributions from:
  • me (heroic_decepticon);
  • "HighPrime";
  • "Ras"; and
  • Benjamin Davis.


  1. Far far faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too kind, it is I who should be honoured to be one of your followers :)

    1. We need to sit on a beach and down an ice-cold beer!

  2. See, this is why we need teleporters.

    1. We need a satallite with teleporters like the Justice League ones.....


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