05 April 2012

Europe exclusive Turbomaster Rotorstorm MISB

I bought my MISB Rotorstorm of a buddy, also a good online Transformers seller, Specimen-17, a week or two ago. I was (mildly) interested in Rotorstorm way back in 2007 when a friend AR bought it from eBay has it sent to the office and opened the parcel there.

We fiddled around with the toy during lunch and all I could remember was that I like the colour scheme - hey, blues and pink seem to work well. That's that and I forgot about Rotorstorm and, as with most Euro G1s, never had him on my acquisition agenda. That is, until IDW's 'Last Stand of the Wreckers'.

You can think it and say it now, I'm one of those fickle-minded, easily influenced collectors whose want list is easily swayed for portrayals of characters in official media, especially if I like the storyline (which in LSOTW's case, I did). Happened with Dreamwave's portrayal of Sunstorm, happened again in IDW's LSOTW.

For a good part of 2010 and 2011, I was looking for a nice Rotorstorm figure and Specimen-17 was also trying to help me out. It didn't come to pass. In recent months, I bought a job lot of Transformers from an Australia seller (he sucked), which included Rotorstorm, claimed to be complete and mint. What arrived on my doorstep was a Rotorstorm figure that was okay mint, 2 missile launchers that were okay mint, helicopter blades that were not mint (one was broken and badly glued back, thus it sagged) and.... nothing - all 6 yellow missiles were missing.

A Rotorstorm in that kind of condition just didn't cut the mustard with me, so I wrote it off and considered Rotorstorm still 'unacquired'.

Enter Specimen-17 again in 2012, who 'saved' me with a minty (because it has to be) MISB Rotorstorm!

It's that good.

"Original Hasbro Transformers"? I wonder why they had to say that.

Rotorstorm is the only Turbomaster with flight capabilities

The box art, it's that nice.

Top of box with traditional transforming sequence

Bottom of box with bonus box art!

Back of box with painted Euro battle scene

Close up of battle scene. To be honest, not as nicely drawn as the 1984-1988 battle scenes

English text of on the back of box

Close up of Rotorstorm tech specs

Side of box confirming it's MISB-ness


  1. Glad you finally got him, HD. :3 And to be honest, what you said reflects my experience this past week. Lets just say that instead of DW and Sunstorm, your collection had convinced me to order an "Alternity" version of Dai Atlas... And the "Prime" series has convinced me to pre-order the "Arms Micron" version of Arcee (as I always wanted to have one version of her).

    Oh! And speaking of "alternative continuities"... What do you think of Takara Tomy's six new Primes?

    1. hi Kuma Nin, Alternity Dia Atlas does not seem to be popular with fans because its just a straight repaint without remolding. So I think you should be able to get it cheap(er). Have not seen Takara's six new Primes, will check it out and get back to you! =)

    2. Honestly, I think that I like him is because it is not just a single character, but a gestalt (as TFwiki states) of numerous versions of Dai Atlas. That, and I do like the color scheme. :p

      Oh! And they have recently introduced two or three more. But right now, I still like Akiba Prime, Kawasaki Prime, and Umeda Prime. :)

    3. Hmmm... the Primes sound.... very Japanese....

    4. That they are. :) Takara Tomy has based them on cities and districts, as they are stationed in these areas. Akiba Prime is based on the "magical girl" concept, and I feel should do a good job protecting those specialty stores in Akihabara. And Umeda Prime is stationed in Osaka, which is good since JUNGLE is there. :p

      Also, the whole thing has me wonder if they are going to do a Japanese exclusive spin-off (or sequel)... Much like they had done with Beast Wars.


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