21 April 2012

MP-12: Lambor (aka Sideswipe) - A proposal to Takara in relation to accessories and repaints

Aside from Bluestreak, Sideswipe is my next favouritest Autobot car from the 1984 line up of G1 Autobots. 

Imagine my excitement on learning from CybertronCon Singapore that the next Masterpiece figure after MP-11: Destron Leader Starscream was going to be none other than Sideswipe (called "Lambor" by Takara Tomy).

Yes, MP-12 is going to be Sideswipe. Wow! 
(photo on right courtesy of ET from Singapore)

I have long regarded BT-02: Lambor as my definitive Sideswipe in the MP-verse, but really, it does not get cooler than Sideswipe being a Lamborghini Countach LP500S like he was in G1, does-not-get-cooler.

I rewatched SOS Dinobots tonight and there was the scene of Sideswipe using his "pile drivers" to tunnel into the side of Mt St Hillary to uncover dinosaur remains. Then I thought, hey, what accessories should MP-12 come with other than the standard missile launcher and gun?

If I could be so bold as to advise Takara, here are my suggestions in order of priority.

MP-12 Accessory Proposal #1 - Rocket Pack

Where it appeared - USA G1 episode: More than Meets the Eye, Part 3

Claim to fame - "Sideswipe, give me your rocket pack... now!" Optimus Prime to Sideswipe.

Key characteristics - (1) mountable on Sideswipe in robot mode; (2) backward compatible with MP-10: Convoy; (3) possible storage of missiles for missile launchers (I was going to say storage for gun and missile launcher, but let's not get too ambitious huh).

Design references for Takara -

Rocket Pack as seen from front. If you look at the next picture, it does appear like the animators got the Rocket Pack upside down in this shot.

Perhaps the clearest view of the Rocket Pack. The middle part actually looks a lot like the 'backpack' part of MP-10: Convoy. Oh, and MP-12 can be the same shade of red as MP-10 so that the Rocket Pack can be backward compatible even in terms of colour!

I guess this can be a design alternative. The Rocket Pack kind of looks different (less interesting) when Jazz is handling it.

But then, Takara might ask, how should the Rocket Pack look on Optimus Prime (aka MP-10). No worries, here is how it should look.

Another shot of Rocket Pack on Prime.

Takara, if you are so inclined, you could add so superfluous jet-streams to the Rocket Pack....!

MP-12 Accessory Proposal #2 - Arm Drills

Where it appeared - USA G1 episode: A Plague of Insecticons. These arm drills appeared very briefly in this episode, after which they were animated as pile drivers.

Claim to fame - "If we can't go through those villagers, we can go under them!" Sideswipe to Wheeljack.

Key characteristics / design - the Arm Drills should look very similar to the drills that came with G1 Bonecrusher or Scavenger. The Mixmaster type drills would be too simple for a Masterpiece. Arm Drills can either be built into arms or attachable to arms (Takara, I don't mind kibble! Some people may mind, but I'm really fond of kibble).

Design references for Takara -

Another screen capture, just to be sure.

MP-12 Accessory Proposal #3 - Pile Drivers, Type A

Where it appeared - USA G1 episode: SOS Dinobots

Claim to fame - "Get your pistons pumpin' Sideswipe... let's clean up this mess" - Brawn to Sideswipe.

Key characteristics / design - Pile Drivers Type A are essentially molded extensions to Sideswipe's arms. They can either be built into arms or attachable to arms (Takara, I don't mind kibble! Some people may mind, but I'm really fond of kibble). Takara, if you do both the Arm Drills in Proposal #2 and the Pile Drivers, then perhaps having them both as attachments would be preferable. And if I can be so greedy, these pile drivers can be springy or spring loaded too, but don't have to be 'shootable'.

Design references for Takara -

Sideswipe pounding with Pile Drivers Type A

Close up and very clear design reference for Pile Driver Type A

MP-12 Accessory Proposal #4 - Pile Drivers Type B

Where it appeared - USA G1 episode: A Plague of Insecticons. These pile drivers appeared in place of the arm drills in a subsequent scene to the arm drills scene (Accessory Proposal #2).

Claim to fame - 
"Tunnelling under those villagers is takin' longer than I figured" - Sideswipe
"You and your shortcuts!" - Sunstreaker
"I still think this is the best way to go, you'll see!" - Sideswipe

Key characteristics / design - These are essentially a variation to Pile Drivers Type A in my reckoning. Pile Drivers Type B can either be built into arms or attachable to arms.

Design references for Takara -

Sideswipe pounding with Pile Drivers Type B

A close up shot

As can be seen here, Pile Driver Type B is almost as large as or same size as Sideswipe's arm socket and quite flat, almost like an extension of his arms.

Full extension of Pile Drivers Type B

MP-12 Accessory Proposal #5 - Pile Driver Type C

Where it appeared - USA G1 episode: Fire on the Mountain

Claim to fame - "Keep poundin' Sideswipe, he'll [Skyfire] turn up soon!" - Wheeljack to Sideswipe

Key characteristics / design - Pile Driver Type C is for heavy duty work and so is not part of Sideswipe's arms but a separate piece of equipment which he can hold. The working part of the pile driver are 2 fork like appendages that moves in an alternating motion up and down, to drill into things. This can be seen in the screen capture below. If costs allow, it'd be great to have gimmick that when a button is pressed, the 2 forks move up and down.

Design references for Takara -

Sideswipe 'digging' through ice for Skyfire with Pile Driver Type C. This is clearly a separate piece of equipment and therefore should be an entirely separate accessory. This screen capture shows the design quite clearly.

Another screen cap to show the design. Interestingly, there seems to be the letter "A" written on the side. Perhaps this is a piece of Autobot equipment that is shared by the Ark's crew?

A close up of the tip of Pile Driver Type C. It is basically 2 metal pile-driving rods with an alternating action, up and down, when pounding / pile driving.

MP-12 Accessory Proposal #6 - Jet-Judo Parachute

Where it appeared - USA G1 episode: Roll for It

Claim to fame - "Hey, I get the feeling our Jet-Judo needs a little more work." - Sunstreaker to Sideswipe

Key characteristics / design - Essentially a parachute. However, it should not be made of cloth, but maybe some bendy rubbery type material, which can be shaped a little depending on display preference. I think the Jet-Judo Parachute needs to come hand in hand with some sort of 'flight stand' (like the MP-seekers) because it'd be strange for MP-12 to be parachuting while standing on the floor! The 'flight stand' could also benefit a Rocket Pack oriented display (see Accessory Proposal #1)

Design references for Takara -

Jet-Judo Parachute

MP-12 accessory proposal #7 - Fire Blast Launcher

Where it appeared - USA G1 episode: Divide and Conquer

Claim to fame - None actually. Sideswipe got shot out of the sky shortly after performing this stunt.

Key characteristics / design - erm... a jet of flame? Use only when you are completely out of ideas Takara.

Design references for Takara -

Flame blastin' (hey, where's his rocket pack?!?)

Wow, this is a long range ability!


BONUS - MP-12: Lambor / Sideswipe recolour proposals

Takara, this is my plea - do not attempt to design MP-12 with repainting it as Sunstreaker or Punch/ Counterpunch in mind. 

I totally agree that it worked brilliantly well for the Henkei / Classics line, but this is a Masterpiece figure and Sideswipe and Sunstreaker each deserve their own mold (their transformations are different anyways).

Even if MP-12: Sideswipe cannot be repainted into Sunstreaker, there are many repaint options and opportunities.


Imagine all these as Masterpieces!
(photo courtesy of TF Source)

MP-12 Repaint #1 - Tigertracks

MP-12 in Lamborghini's own signature brilliant yellow. What better way then to satisfy the licensor for MP-12. This will be a very suitable homage to the CarRobots / diaclone yellow Countach and the Figure O Magazine Exclusive Tigertracks reissue.

MP-12 Repaint #2 - Red Alert

This is a no-brainer. A straight repaint of MP-12: Sideswipe with added roof lights. Perhaps a special limited edition Negavator vehicle could be released with MP-Red Alert, that'd kick so much ass.

MP-12 Repaint #3 - Deepcover

I wanted to say "Clampdown", but think Repaint #3 should be Deepcover since it wouldn't be too sensible to do 2 white based repaints consecutively. Deepcover is also simple - a straight black repaint of MP-12 Sideswipe with different stickers or tampographs. 

Since his powers include shrinking himself in size, a special accessory could be an exclusive WST version of Deepcover that is repainted from WST Sideswipe. Woot!

MP-12 Repaint #4 - Clampdown

Thinking about it more, I'm just not sure whether Clamp Down should be a full fledged repaint, cos it looks so similar to Red Alert. Perhaps it could be an eHobby exclusive around the time where Repaint #2: Red Alert was hitting the shelves. Alternatively, Repaint #2: Red Alert could come with 2 sets of stickers - 1 to sticker him as Red Alert and the second set to sticker him as Clamp Down - that way collectors will buy 2 Red Alerts any way, so Takara basically achieves the same aim as having 2 separate repaints! Ho hum.



Takara, if you ever see these ideas and deem fit to use any of these ideas, please feel absolutely free to use them.

I don't need to be attributed (but you can if you're nice).

All I want is a kick ass, out of this world, awesome MP-12!

~ HD


  1. If Takara were to do these it'd be a dream come true, nevertheless I'd definitely be getting this :D

    1. My one hope is the Takara at least give these ideas some consideration. I also realise that MPs are coming with less and less accessories (eg: MP-10 compared with MP-01).

  2. Perhaps there could as a repaint like the King Grimlock. The G1 comic Sideswipe is rather boring, but the G2 comics Sideswipe came with three big guns, spiked wheels, and a belt of bullets around his chest.

    1. hi Paul, yes, I think that could be a good idea. I've not seen what G2 Sideswipe looks like in the comic, but I know he's black. Would be interesting to have the accessories you mentioned too!

    2. you probably just gave TomyTakara more ideas on how to re-release the older MP toys *heh*

  3. Looks like they took at least a few of your suggestions :)

    1. Unfortunately, they took the least interesting iteration of the pile drivers.... And no rocket pack... sob

  4. Great post thread. Here are a few links to my Version Of the backpack that will fit both figures. just looking for a 3rd party to invest in it. all the best Dawgstar




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