18 April 2012

I need more MP-10's Spikes...

When I was playing with my MP-10, I found that I needed more Spikes (actually, more little people) so that they could populate the Prime cab, the crane, and all the little seats in Prime's container base. There just wasn't enough Spikes!

Today, I found that Spike is not only good for driving a trailer like Prime, he can actually pilot a tank too.


"Let daddy show you how its done, Daniel."


  1. Is he the same size as those tiny guys that came with the original G1 robots? Diaclones or something...

  2. hi Jon, they're roughly the same size I'd say. I'd need to dig out my diaclone men and compare them to be sure though. The one key difference is that Spike can bend at the knees while diaclone pilots cannot.


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