16 April 2012

Whitening Transformers - G1 Jetfire

A year or 2 ago, inspired by other threads on the 'net and on OZ Formers, I talked about how to whiten Transformers. Little did I know that I would need to whiten yet another Transformer - G1 Jetfire, whom on retrieving from storage in Singapore and bringing back to HK, I discovered was horrendously yellowed.

I almost wanted to junk it in the bin and purchase another Jetfire, before calming down and deciding to whiten him.

First I took him apart. See photo on right and look at how yellowed some of the parts are. It's almost as if someone took a yellow marker and marked out certain parts a dirty very unsightly yellow.

I also have some Inferno and Tracks parts to whiten (also in the photo). These were more 'green' than yellow. Anyway, their original colour was supposed to be white.

Below is a close up of just the Jetfire parts. Looks yucky, almost like baby vomit. Eek.

Chucked the parts into a jar. This time, I'm using 6% H2O2. See the bubbles forming on the parts? That's a good sign.

After about a week or so (there is very little sunlight here in HK, so the whitening is from soaking and a little bit of activation of the H2O2 from the sun. Would have been a lot quicker if there is constant sunlight).

Results - yesterday, I reassembled my G1 Jetfire. Looks a lot like his handsome old self now.

Having a conversation with MP-10: Optimus Prime about how he shook off the effects of Cosmic Rust.

'You should talk to Perceptor'


  1. AWESOME! i was wondering how this process would work on a Jetfire. I'll have to look at mine and see it it needs this process.

    Thanks again for the info on Star Saber. I picked one up recently and it's awesome!

  2. Good luck! Don't soak too long if the part has red paint, cos it might cause the red to decolourise a little.

  3. I should do this to my Strike Valkyrie some day...

    1. Is your a white Strike Valkyrie? I thought they were grey mostly.

  4. Hi Heroic Decepticon, is your Jetfire still white?


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