20 April 2012

Rare / obscure pre-Transformers auctions on eBay

A buddy and long-time Transformers veteran is selling some of his rare / obscure pre-Transformers items on eBay. 

Amongst some interesting items are the diaclone instructions for Swoop, Mechabot-1 unused paper works set and a very sexy almost Choro-Q looking transformable van that looks very much like protect black Ironhide. The last item is pretty obscure to me as I've never seen it before.

Head over and check them out (and check back over the next few days as he may list more auctions) - Karoon47's eBay pre-Transformers auctions

~ HD


  1. don't know if its me or i'm viewing the wrong country's ebay but i don't see any listing :(

    1. Oh, sorry, didn't mention that the auctions would be ending about 6 hours from when I posted the above... =(


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