23 April 2012

The calm before the storm

From the looks of my recent entries, it appears that I have been a little quiet on the acquisitions side of late.

'Is this really case?', I thought to myself as I was heading home today. 

I did a quick mental count of what was on-route and by gosh, no, it's not been quiet on the acquisitions side - these stuff just have not reached me, yet.

Let's see, in the order I bought them, there is:

  1. a pre-Transformer MIB piece coming from the UK (it's here);
  2. 2 MOSC items, one Japanese and the other USA, coming from Italy (they're here);
  3. 2 pieces of 1984 series 1 Autobot cars MIB, unused, with bubble inserts, coming from the US (just here today);
  4. 1 piece of 1984 series 1 pre-rub MIB TF coming from the UK (just here today);
  5. coming from Canada, there is 1 dinobot, 2 power dashers, 1 combiner complete, a 1985 mailaway figure and a pre-TF figure;
  6. 2 boxes, one a giftset and another of the largest Transformer ever made, coming from the US;
  7. 1 exclusive vintage poster coming from the US; and
  8. another exclusive poster coming from a different seller in the US.
That's more than a handful.

So is it quiet of late? Nah, it's just the calm before the storm.

See ya at my next update!

~ HD


  1. can't wait for the post to cover these items :D

    are you trying to build an army of the 'largest TF ever made'? ;)

  2. That is what I like about you and your blog, HD. You not only never cease to amaze me, but it always seems that you motivate me to continue finding my TF niche. :) Then again, you will never find a way to convince me to take mine out of their boxes. ;) <-(Okay... Boxes and carding.)

    But despite that, I also cannot wait to see the pics. :)

    1. Thanks for the kind words Kuma-nin. Now, are you sure you don't wanna take your toys out and play? nyak nyak....

    2. You're welcome, since you deserve it. Seeing how excluding you, I have three other Transfans for friends... And the only one that does talk shop with me is a bit "unique" per say. ^^;

      And I'll make you a deal. If they reissue Fortress Maximus, I'll buy two. One for my collection and one for playing. ;) That, or if we ever meet... I'll let you pick out one for me to buy as a play/display piece. :)


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