20 January 2012

Consolidated Jan '12 acquisitions -

Been trying to write stuff.

Still trying to write stuff.

Now, I'll write fluff.

Consolidated acquisitions for January, because I am too time pressed to do them individually...

Here they are.

Summary pic!
  • Top row - United Stepper MISB; MC Axis model kits unused x 03 (Arcee, Hot Rod and Elita One); vintage Japanese TF magazine; Xtransbots Devastator upgrade kit.
  • Second row - Gentei Strafe MOSC; MakeToys Battle Tanker MISB; Junkion Blacksmith Devastator upgrade kit MISB; C-201: Metalhawk MIB, unused
  • Bottom row - C-326: Galacy Shuttle MIB #2, Goodbye Convoy MIB unused #3 (bought 19 Nov 2011), Goodbye Convoy MIB unused #4.

Bought 1 Jan 2012: E's Galaxy Shuttle MIB #2; very nice and snowy white.

Bought 1 Jan 2012: Goodbye Convoy #4 (on right) with Goodbye Convoy #3 (bought on 19 Nov 2011) next to it. Both sets are completely unused, near C10 mint, complete and with poster.

Various Devastator add-ons bought on 18 Jan 2012.
C-201: Metalhawk MIB unused bought on 1 Jan 2012.

Devastator with add on parts, looks pretty awesome!

Ironfist vs Devastator?

Loose TFs from a OZ Former member (but unfortunately each figure has parts missing; issue still to be resolved with seller).

  • Doubleheader
  • Black Zarak
  • Rotorstorm
  • Ironfist
  • Clench


Close up of Rotorstorm

Close up of Metalhawk

Close up of Black Zarak

Bought on 20 Jan 2012 - BotCon exclusive G2 Ramjet and 2010 special Predaking giftset reissue (yeah, I finally caved in for this!).

Happy Lunar New Year!




  1. Nice acquisitions! Guess i was right about the Goodbye Convoy heh. I personally do like the 2010 Predaking box, find the gold instead of yellow used for the TFs quite a nice touch too :)

  2. Why so many Goodbye Convoys?!?! Lol! You've caught the Goodbye Convoy disease my friend!

  3. Yes you are right. It's for a friend actually, so technically, it won't be "mine" for much longer! I've been resisting Predaking for sometime now, but thought that I should cave this year - every year I get something large stocky with strong warm hues like red and yellow for display during Chinese New Year. Last year was MP-09, this year, it's Predaking!

  4. If you ever come across a metalhawk insert for the box, email me! I just need the plastic tray insert!-hotspot17

  5. Hey HD! :D

    That is a mighty fine haul there dude, a shame that parts are missing mind you but it seemed to be a bit of a rushed selling off of a collection to me; That Black Zarak though just looks awesome as do the Euro G1 figures. :O

    (I've always loved Rotorstorm & Clench but have just never found a place, or the funds :P, for them in the collection)

    Very glad to see you've picked up the 2010 Predaking though mate, admittedly he was/is my first complete set of G1 Predacons but man oh man do I love them and like Eric above; I too find the gold paint apps to be rather tasteful. :)

    Here's the question though: Are you going to apply the stickers?, especially the eye/visor stickers? ;)

  6. heroic_decepticon23 January 2012 at 09:50

    @ hotspot17- will let you know if I come across that!
    @Hursti- yes, the selling off by the guy is pretty rusehed, but for a person with that calibre of rare pieces, I'd have expected that he knew what was complete and what was not and also to include all parts in packing.

    I like Rotorstorm and Clench too, the latter being killed by Megatron.

    The 2010 Predaking is actually very awesome. I was staring at it dumbfounded after I combined it. The way the colored the plastic is certainly very tasteful and adds a lot to the ferocity of the Predacons.

    Yes, I am going to apply the eye stickers! Deceptions must have red eyes!


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