04 May 2008

Box art breaking news

Even more sensational than the previous Victory box art finds (here and here), this could be the Transformers box art breaking news of the year.

Just when I was deliberating on the reasons for getting a C-114 Fortress Maximus and about why its box art is quite important to me, Botch the Crab had managed to obtain a huge treasure house of G1 unobstructed box art from the Headmasters era- 32 Transformers in total!

He found the box art on the now 'vintage' Pioneer Transformers Headmasters laserdisc set. Yup, its the laserdisc set, not the dvd set, if that is any indication of its vintage-ness. This find is made all the greater because it contains the unobstructed box art of C-114 Fortress Maximus!

I would have volunteered to edit that but fellow TF Fan Ginraii beat me to the punch.

So far, I've helped the archive edit 9 TFs: Raiden, Cyclonus (Targetmaster), Scourge (Targetmaster), Pointblank, Sureshot, Crosshairs, Slugslinger, Triggerhappy and Misfire.

Fellow TF fans Slim and Prial are also assiting with edits.

Check out Botch's Box Art Archive for updates of these new crystal clear images.


  1. Man, laserdisc?! That was like, eons ago!!!!

  2. heh, it is isn't it. But it isn't the laserdiscs we are so excited over... it is the box art on their sleeves! heh.


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