18 February 2012

Slightly better photos - 02 x D-310: Blue Bacchus MIB

Remember that post where I mentioned the doubles of TFs I have... seeing double?

I took a better shot of my D-310: Blue Bacchus before I sold one of them today... It was a sad day, but I really didn't need a double of this guy. What's great is that I sold it to a buddy of mine from Australia.

Left - the piece I bought from Bodhar2000 and imported from Japan
Right - the MIB stickers unapplied unused piece I bought from my buddy in Singapore.


  1. The next time you get doubles of this guy, I'll be all over it :)

    1. Hey dude, I almost inevitably will get doubles of stuff, even the rare Jap stuff. A lot safer if you gave me a list of what you are after so I can prioritise you.


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