05 February 2012

Takara/ MC Axis Hot Rod resin model kit (1996) MIB unused

I bought this sometime in December last year.

When I first saw it in ToyZone16 at Causeway Bay, I had no idea what it was. I had to go back and do some research on TF Wiki and also on Alvarez's guidebook before I had an inkling what it was.

This Hot Rod model kit was part of a series of 3 model kits produced by a company called "MC Axis" in 1996 (licensed by Takara). It's odd because it's about 8-10 years too late to be producing a Hot Rod model kit since Season 3 ended in 1986.

Still, this is a pretty stunning piece, as can be seen, with the box being clearly G1-inspired.

Close up of the bottom of the box. "MC Axis" and copyright "Takara" can be seen; includes 'Hot Rod model kit, instruction booklet and comic strip'.

A side of the box showing Hot Rod with different optional parts.

Another side of the box with G1-ish Hot Rod artwork by Japanese artist 'Yoshi' and Hot Rod's tech spec and profile in Japanese.

Close up of tech specs. I wonder what it says?

Showing its unused contents. It appears that the 'instructions' and 'comic strip' are one and the same thing.

Close up of comic strip

Close up of instructions

Even the 'jewel' to stimulate the crystal at the center of the Matrix of Leadership is included. The Japanese do pay very much attention to detail!

Unused model kit parts laid out. The model kit includes a Hot Rod body, 02 x heads (one normal, one with visor), a standalone Matrix, another Matrix molded with Hot Rods hands, 02 x fists, 01 x saw attachment, 01 x welder attachment (actually shown being used by Blurr, not Hot Rod, during TFTM).

Close up of heads

Next: MC Axis Arcee resin model kit MIB unused!


MC Axis resin model kits (1996):

  • Hot Rod
  • Arcee


  1. Now that is odd...the comic is using the Powermaster Prime animation model from what looks like the Marvel series. It is like this company was frozen in time for 8-10 years. I love the box art and design though, spot on!

    1. Yeah, makes you wonder right? What were they thinking doing a Hot Rod (of all people) model kit in 1996! But then, the Japs did go do a "Metalverse" Hot Rod in 2004, which is like many, the only figure in that Metalverse line. Strange.

      Yes, love the G1-styled box too!


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