04 February 2012

My early G1 shelf!

As mentioned here, I was back in Singapore during CNY and had brought back to HK a fair chunk of my early G1 figures, which has been sitting in storage at my parents' place since 2003.

Early in the week, I spent a night taking them out and arranging them into my Teletraan-1 display. It's such a delight to see them displayed out in their full glory again, its like coming home to old friends and really a joy to see.

Among this batch, many of the 1984 pieces are pre-rub pieces, which to me are the nearest thing to their diaclone counterparts, still the best quality and molding among the early year TFs (some might disagree, but hey, this is my collection!).

I'm quite saddened by the fact that despite me sealing them in protective bags and keeping them in storage away from direct sunlight, some pieces have still yellowed. Wheeljack is slightly off white, Ratchet (cross version) is quite yellowed, the white parts of Tracks is yellowed. This yellowing phenomenon is really quite sickening from a collector's perspective. Anyway...

Here they are arranged out in Teletraan-1:

Very nice huh?

Close up shot of the left hand side of the display. Yes, I did sneak in some 1987 TFs... heh.

Close up shot of the right hand side of the display.

A shot of 3 different versions of Bluestreak. Left to right - Series 1, 1984, pre-rub Bluestreak; pre-Transformers CarRobots No.7: Fairlady Z blue version, aka 'blue' Bluestreak; eHobby exclusive 'black hood' Bluestreak.

Another close up


  1. hey heroic. i dont want to link to my blog but do yoy see this? Cool isnt it?


    1. hi Andres, always welcome to post links to your blog here. I'm always amazed at the weird and wonderful things you have.

      Very impressive range of Autobot cars you have. You seem to have all the different repaints too. Yum!

  2. Wow HD, the 1st word that came to mind when seeing those pics was "Yum!". :D

    I don't know why, but there is just something about the original Diaclone based Car bots that I really dig; seeing their faces just gives me instant but fleeting memories/feelings like I had when looking at them as a kid back in the late 80s/early 90s. :)

    Sorry to hear and see what has happened to poor old Ratchet though, especially considering the version of Ratchet that it is; a new target to seek out perhaps? ;)

    1. Yum indeed! heh.

      Completely agree with you that seeing them, just fills me with memories of joy and childhood warm feelings. My Classics stuff has been in that shelf for the longest time, but they didn't do that for me.

      It's not just Ratchet, it's Jetfire too! My bone white C9.5+ Jetfire has yellowed.... argh!

  3. HD, That is just pure awesome!! they really look great together! I know how you feel about the yellowing (i have experienced it recently with my Micromaster Countdown Rocket) i want to get all my early year TF's out of storage and on display now!!

    1. heroic_decepticon9 February 2012 at 23:04

      hey Steve, yes, yellowing is the bane of collecting. It's the one thing that creeps up and screws with your collection unbeknownst to you.

      You already have very nice pictures of your early year TFs!


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